The World of Perpetual Delays

Some games just seem to get stuck in a nearly endless delay. Such is the case with two DS titles I am eagerly awaiting: Windy x Windam and Spectral Force: Genesis.

Windy x Windam is a 2D fighter featuring Izuna: The Unemployed Ninja as a secret character. Reports say it’s not very good and the video I have seen of it looks very poor. However, it promises single pak download play and that is somewhat enticing, not to mention I enjoy the art. However, I think the fact that it outdoes Bridget is going to be it’s most memorable aspect.

Good lord. Technically he’s a robot (which explains how “his” pants can be so…tiny without…”issues”) and is easily the single most ridiculous bishounen I have ever seen. This character raises so many questions, but it does answer one as well: Yes, Windy X Windam is trying too hard to be Guilty Gear.

The other game is Spectral Force: Genesis.

Though I am somewhat familiar with the Spectral Force series, I have never really played an entry in it. Genesis, however, looks like something that appeals to me. From what I can tell, it’s a Risk/Dragon Force style “Pick a country and conquer the world” type strategy game with the actual combat being carried out in real time with swarms of 2D sprites in a 3D environment controlled via stylus. I can’t wait to give it a shot!

Unfortunately, there is no good explanation for it’s numerous delays. The game has already been translated and released in both Europe and Australia and has been since October. Why the U.S. release keeps getting delayed is a mystery to everyone. All made more aggravating when the delay happens at the last minute. I actually preordered this and got the call saying it would be in the next day only to be followed immidiately by “Spectral Force: Genesis is delayed until February”. Now they’re saying March 16th.

Still, it has it better than Windy x Windam, which most stores don’t even believe exists! It should have been released last month but isn’t in the computers of a single videogame retailer and is, as such, un-preorderable.

We all know how that cycle goes: the store will only get the game in if there’s a preorder on it, the game is not preorderable, the store never gets the game in. This has happened to me more times than I’d like to recall.

Then again, when you consider the companies responsible, it’s not too much of a surprise. Ignition Entertainment is handling Spectral Force and they have a less than stellar reputation for their release speed. Meanwhile, Windy x Windam is handled by Graffiti Entertainment, who consistently delays all their releases by about 3 months without telling anyone it seems.

Will this cycle of madness ever end? Probably not.

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