Kotaku Fail: KOF XII

XD Wow. Just wow.

Okay, so let’s rewind. SNK made a brief comment about doing an overhaul of KOF with XII and briefly vaguely mentioned using 3D in the process. Kotaku then claims that KOFXII will be using 3D models. The KOFXII trailer hit, of course, and while the rest of the world was drooling over the amazing hand drawn 2D art. Meanwhile, Kotaku says, and I quote:

“Look. At. This. Well, we called it, here’s the 2.5D King of Fighters XII clip. And damn, it looks nice.”

They now just recently revealed a “Kotaku Exclusive” called “Exclusive: Holy Crap, King of Fighters XII is 100 Percent Hand Drawn”. Not even kidding. Here’s a great quote from it:

“When SNK showed off The King of Fighters XII at arcade show AOU in Japan and industry event GDC in San Francisco, the unanimous reply was: Nice cell shading. That, or it’s “just” hi-res 2D. Thing is, that’s totally incorrect. And for SNK, who’s been working on the game for the past three years, frustrating!”

XD No, YOU thought it was cel shaded! The rest of us could tell it was 2D!


See, the thing that makes this stab worthy for me is the fact that there’s a terrifying number of people that honestly can’t tell the difference between hand drawn 2D and cel-shading because they’re such (and I hate to use this term but…) sheep. Basically they’re told cel-shading makes 3D graphics 2D and they believe it in every sense of the word, be it the knuckle heads who insist every problem with making a 2D fighter with 3D graphics can be solved by cel-shading it or folks who think Odin Sphere is cel-shaded.

Yes, there really ARE people that dumb. Some folks honestly cannot think of 2D graphics without immediately thinking they’re 16-bit. I was actually having a hard time explaining that Odin Sphere was 2D. “But it looks 3D!” “…no it doesn’t! What the fuck are you on!” (no need to remind me that it uses multi-segmented sprites or that it textures 2D drawings onto a flat polygon and warps it for many of it’s effects like breathing and the blowing leaves. Well aware.).

I am not kidding and, horrifyingly enough, Kotaku proves that even THEY are this dumb.

…and THIS is why I get all uppity at game publications! XD

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