Your Review Sucks: TMNT Smash-Up (GameRevolution)

Wow…I…just WOW.

Yeah seems TMNT Smash-Up managed to nab a 0/100 review on Metacritic and it’s…wow…
“Violent Overreaction” does not even BEGIN to describe this. The reviewer in question VERY CLEARLY dislikes the CG turtles and as such decided from the outset to bash the ever loving fuck out of the game.

He has 3 main complaints: Graphics, Controls, and Stage Design.

The graphical bitching already lets us know our friend here has his head up his ass. I know graphics can be a very personal opinion but, well…LOOK at this:
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

THAT looks GOOD. ESPECIALLY when you consider it’s on Wii and PS2, but even on 360 that would be respectable. This is easily one of the better looking games on Wii.

Next, the controls. I can KINDA see them feeling a LITTLE bit sluggish on the turn but…well they’re still better than Brawl’s controls. With the way he bitches about them you’d think it was Mortal Kombat Deception over here! LORD!

As for the stage design? Why yes it DOES have a roof top stage just like EVERY FIGHTER EVER! As for that train stage? It really wasn’t bad at all and anyone with two braincells could keep ahead of the scrolling. Ice Climbers Melee it AIN’T.

But no, he tries to sell the horribleness by comparing it to E.T. on 2600 and talking about how it’s so bad you’ll wanna burn your house down. His complaints are few and all gross overreactions. I want to know how people like this actually get recognized by Metacritic. Thanks for sinking TMNT: Smash-Up’s score, jackass.

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