Your Reviews DON’T Suck: We Cheer 2 (Worth Playing, Nintendojo)

Well We Cheer 2 finally received the last two reviews it needed for a Metacritic average to appear let’s see…HEY! BOTH of these reviews are in the green!

Worth Playing’s review is probably my favorite:
Only complaint is when they talk about the first game:

“The controls are much improved over the last title. The game still only has you using the Wiimote to control pom-pom movements, and the option to use two Wiimotes for one player is still there, but this time, you don’t have to hold down the A button to get movements recognized. This makes it much easier for both new and old players, since they don’t have to worry about holding down the A button or pressing it at the right time to get movements to work.”

Uhh…you…NEVER had to do that in We Cheer 1. Trust me, I 100%ed it and I never held down any buttons! XD

Well alright, ONE other complaint:
“The backgrounds still look good and there are more of them around, though it isn’t helped by the fact that a good chunk of those backgrounds come from the first game and seem to be untouched, with the exception of a few logos.”
Actually they totally overhauled all returning backgrounds. See also: HOLY SHIT BALLOON PHYSICS ON MY PAC-MAN BALLOONS! :D :D :D

Nintendojo’s review amuses me though:
Why? Because of one comment:

“This is where the argument for MotionPlus support should come in, and it’s certainly a valid question: why wasn’t MotionPlus support included? MotionPlus is a bit of an annoying cure-all for Wii games right now in that an assumption is made that if MotionPlus is included, the game will miraculously function perfectly. Yet we’ve seen how MotionPlus can mar a game built for it, such as EA’s Grand Slam Tennis.”

OUCHBURN!!! Holy shit are these people reading my LJ or something?! XD Seriously, between Nintendojo mentioning that and Worth Playing’s intro talking about We Cheer 1’s Japanese release I really do wonder. There’s some more interesting text to follow though:

“Officially, Namco Bandai reps have stated MotionPlus integration would have made the game even pickier than it was last year, so the developers instead made the sequel more forgiving on easier levels, and that seems alright.”

And there IS some truth to that! Think about it, then they really COULD ask you to SPECIFICALLY hold the controller in a very precise way. The addition of MotionPlus support would require the addition of an on-screen indicator of your controller position so you can execute the more precise movements and while this could work, it would take away from the experience as you’d be playing “robot style” for maximum accuracy rather than knowing that the more you dance around and cheer, the better you’ll do. Think hard about what the experience would be like with the MotionPlus and you see what I mean. And that’s BEFORE the part where you’re now asking people to have TWO of them, one for each Wiimote!

We Cheer is a rare instance where the MotionPlus is just…NOT needed. At all. It’s the one instance where what I define as “Waggle Control” actually works.

For those of you playing at home: Motion Control is where your motion controls the on-screen action, WAGGLE Control is where the actions are pre-programmed and assigned to a motion. Or as I like to put it: the on-screen action controls YOU! In order to get the action you want, you have to do what the game wants. In almost anything else, this is terrible. In We Cheer? It’s perfect.

(and yes Racewing, I concede: the Wii Wheel counts as “Motion Control”. Only “pre-programmed actions” or replacing button presses with controller gestures are “Waggle Control”)

What’s that? What authority do *I* have to define what Motion and Waggle control is? HOW ABOUT BEING THE ONLY GUY WHO ACTUALLY KNOWS WHAT HE’S TALKING ABOUT or to put it another way…BECAUSE I’M THE MOTHERFUCKING GEL, BITCH! >XD (Bitches don’t fuck with my Fashion Magic!)

Huzzah for reviewers who know what they’re talking about, people who actually PLAYED the game and give it the respect it deaserves! Congratulations guys, Your Reviews DON’T Suck! :D

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