Caught Up?

*PHEW* Is that it? Am I caught up porting all the noteworthy content over from old sites? FINALLY!

I mean I could port over the old Fruity Jell-O Gaming reviews but those are probably best left buried. I dunno, I might later but that was back when I used an out of 10 rating system and things got a bit ridiculous there…yeah maybe I’ll port my old Fruity Jell-O Gaming content later. Much later.

No, for now it’s time to look to the future! To post frequently of my love of gaming, my hate of journalists, and my strong desire to be one! Let’s see where this ridiculous blog takes us, shall we?

Although can I just mention that my old Your Review Sucks that I ported over still surprised me? I mean I thought I might be being too harsh on those reviewers but no. A lot of them really were that bad! If you read only one, Pokemon Snapped is probably the best. I mean really, what was IGN thinking?! “Hi! I hate Pokemon and have barely played the series! Here’s how I’d make it into an MMORPG!” Good LORD! It was FULL of dumb things! Insulting Nintendo, making utterly unreasonable demands, and even changing the rules of the Pokemon universe! “Pokeball Pact”? REALLY?! WHY.  Gah!

*ahem* So yeah! Welcome to the site! Again!

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One Comment on “Caught Up?”

  1. ~Milliardo~ Says:

    Verily, I hath posted. Your page hath received the Milli-bump – thou should be honored. Good luck and godspeed on thine new blog. :3

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