GameBabble – Ep.3 Golden Axe: Beast Rider

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“We’re FINALLY back thanks to a new stand-in capture device (my old capture card psuedo-died, preventing me from doing new episodes).

I get a bit rambly here. Heck, I TOTALLY forgot to mention the blandness of the world/beasts and the game wreckingly annoying mages.

Also, gotta be honest, I only played to stage 3. That’s as far as I could get in the 2 weeks I had this rented. It took me multiple sessions to get through a single stage because they’re so incredibly boring. As such, I don’t think my verdict would have changed. The combat wasn’t getting any deeper and the mages weren’t getting any less irritating.” -Original YouTube Description

Admittedly my worst episode. Rushed, rambly, and not as informative as the rest.

Beast Rider still sucks though.

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