GameBabble – Ep.4 “Wii Music” or “SHUT UP ABOUT THE CASUALS!”

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“My most edit heavy video yet, but after much struggling with the program I think it turned out okay!

Yeah, I think my computer just can’t handle Pinnacle Studio 11.

Also, yes, this was reviewed on a rental I admit, though I think I got the gist of it. I mean, I LIKED what I saw but there were just too many restrictions.

Also token “thing I forgot to mention” this time is that it’s excessively tutorial-ful. Since there’s no GAME here but they still wanted unlockables, you unlock things by trudging through more tutorials. Shoot it even opens with a Token Long-winded Tutorial! Feels more like a music class simulator! XD

Still, it was cool. Just…shoulda been a $30 game.” – Original YouTube Description

You know, in retrospect, I think this is one of the first episodes I’m actually PROUD of! Also reminded me of how interesting Wii Music was. Maybe I’ll check out that sequel.

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