GameBabble – Ep.5 Oneechanbara Bikini Zombie Preview*!

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“A preview episode! Woo!

Yeah, grabbed a Japanese 360 for The Idolm@ster and decided to grab The Oneechanbara on it too when I got it. Now with it FINALLY coming to America, I felt it was preview time.

EGAD the setbacks on this episode though! I had it almost finished like…a month ago but then stupid crap kept happening! Almost all my game footage I recorded was corrupted, my computer was barely able to run the editing program, THEN I got a new computer but it’s been having issues with old files because Windows XP is too damn registry dependant and THEN Pinnacle just kept being weird at me in the home stretch!

BUT! I pulled through once again to deliver mediocre gaming internet TV goodness! Fingers crossed that my next episode goes over better…but I doubt it! XD” – Original YouTube Description

XD Yeah, the games are already out now and the Wii one is actually a good bit better than the 360 one in every way except the slightly annoying controls. Still, this was originally posted to YouTube a month or two before the game’s release and…well…it’s STILL an episode so I should upload it, right?

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