GameBabble – Ep.6 Speed Racer The Movie The Game!

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“Woo! New editing software! New camera! Good times for all!

Yes I review Speed Racer The Movie The Game on all consoles and yes the text at the bottom of the DS footage WAS necessary. It looks SO much better on a real console it’s ridiculous! Just trust me when I tell you it’s one of the best looking games on DS. The emulator runs it at a WAY lower resolution.

Also, honestly? I liked the movie. I mean, you don’t go into a SPEED RACER movie expecting a good plot and believable characters, okay? It was actually pretty accurate and did justice to the series if you ask me.

Speed Racer The Movie is copyright Warner Bros. Speed Racer is copyright Tatsunoko Productions.” – Original YouTube Description

…I forgot to mention that the games themselves are sadly lacking in course ghosts, didn’t I? XD

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