What Is: Pixelphilia

People, let’s face facts: when it comes to reviewing, cynicism reigns supreme.

Perhaps it’s something in our blood. Some perverse joy we get from watching someone complain about a shitty piece of “entertainment”. Here on the internet there’s practically an entire industry devoted to reviewing crappy stuff! People enjoy it, myself included, and it’s hard to understand exactly why.

The problem, however, is the fact that since cynicism draws a crowd many reviewers have actively kicked up their cynicism level. If they aren’t paid to give it a good score, doesn’t have a rabid pre-established fanbase, and doesn’t absolutely blow the reviewer away, chances are it will get a low score for the sake of “entertainment”. Unfortunately this has gotten in the way of honest reviewing.

This is made worse by the fans of many series that have become increasingly difficult to please as the years go by. The end result is that the gaming community is absolutely flooded with a sort of hyper cynicism that would make you think that videogames are no fun at all!

Want proof? Look no further than the fact that many gamers will flat-out tell you that the only reviewer they trust is Yahtzee. There’s just something wrong with that.

Well I’m getting pretty sick of this and I wasn’t alone. Enter Pixelphile, a friend of mine and former reviewer and his anti-cynicism initiative: Pixelphilia.

With the tagline “Twice the Happy. Half the Spite.”, he aims to strike back against the whining masses and I am more than happy to help! As such I frequently appear alongside him in the (hopefully) regular Pixelphilia podcast series and possibly beyond.

This being my personal blog/soapbox/portfolio, expect pixelphilic status updates.

View the site here:

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