What Is: New Releases

Being a hardcore gaming nerd, I often look up releases lists at the beginning of each month. I then write down any games I want, look up information on games I had never heard of but intrigue me. I then make estimates of their prices and plan ahead as to which games I intend to purchase.

Now, with the start of this blog, I’ve decided to share this with all of you. Note that this is not a complete list of all games being released this month. It’s not even a complete list of all Big Name games being released. This is just a personal list of everything I’m interested in.

So, why do you care? Well as you may quickly discover, I have a peculiar taste in games and am willing to look into titles most other sites would turn their nose up at. I assure you, if you have any interest in straying from the beaten path and finding something bizzarre to look forward to, this is the place.

So, strap in and brace yourself as I completely ignore the latest first person shooters and gush over obscure Japanese simulation games and brightly colored nonsense!

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