Release List Update

Just posting to mention a small but important update to the April release list: After Burner Climax.

When I was making the list earlier, After Burner Climax was not listed as coming out this month. Now that it’s on the way I feel it is quite important that it be added to the list.

Yes, I have already discussed that the lists are not complete release lists but merely a listing of everything I’m personally interested in. However, you have no clue how interested I am in After Burner Climax! I am, after all, a huge on-rail chase-view shooter fanatic. As such, Climax has quickly become my most anticipated title of the month!

That said, expect an article soon about what makes a good on-rails chase-view shooter and why Rez is terrible. (Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good “experience” but a bad on-rails shooter)

Did I just imply that After Burner Climax is better than the insanely beloved Rez? Yes. Yes I did. In case you couldn’t tell, that means you need to buy it.

Also, it ends up Monster Rancher DS (which I had previously written an entire article about it’s lack of preorderability) has been delayed until Summer. I am not amused, but it’s still better late than never.

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One Comment on “Release List Update”

  1. Pixelphile Says:

    …of COURSE After Burner Climax is better than Rez. That’s not exactly a controversial statement. :)

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