New Releases: May 2010

Thanks to some kind of horrible disease this update is a bit late, but you’re not missing too much. May is download month. No, really. There is almost nothing to actually buy in stores this month, only about 3 noteworthy boxed releases. But, there are plenty of intriguing downloads. Mostly shooters. Are they all running from Super Mario Galaxy 2?

…you do realize that the months aren’t supposed to be themed, right?

NOTE: Due to busy-ness and the already overdue nature of this post, images will be added later.

-Week 1-

Zombie Panic in Wonderland (WiiWare)

The spiritual sequel to kick-ass DS budget shooter Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ (which I personally recommend). Made by the same team and with the same theme, but this time done from a back-view with 2-player co-op and Wiimote pointer use. As this week has already passed I can tell you now that it’s decent, but not as good as Zombie BBQ. Characters stay stationary as they shoot into the stage, not moving through it. Also, stages and especially bosses seem to drag on longer than they should. Still worth $10 though.

Zeno Clash (Live Arcade)

A first-person beat ’em up that received a lot of attention when it was released on Steam now finds it’s way to XBox Live Arcade. I know very little about this other than that it’s supposed to be awesome and I need to try it. Also that it received a good bit of delay due to some last minute additions.
RayStorm HD (LiveArcade)

Kicking off the unexpected deluge of shooters is an HD remake of classic PS1 SHMUP RayStorm. It’s slightly pricier than most Live Arcade releases, but fans of the original will probably pay. Just odd seeing an HD PS1 port cost more than freaking After Burner Climax.

-Week 2-

Monster Racers (DS)

Not to be confused with Monster Rancher, Monster Racers is some kind of 2D side scrolling platformer race using monsters you raise and train. As a fan of the monster training genre, I am picking this up.

3D Dot Game Heroes (PS3)

Now this is the big one. Easily the number one non-Mario title this month. 3D Dot Game Heroes is basically 8-bit Zelda in 3D but with everything made out of pixel blocks. It features 100% custom characters and a guest appearance by Spelunker. This will probably be the best Zelda in years. Also made by From Software, makers of Armored Core and Ninja Blade and easily one of my favorite companies!

-Week 3-

Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow (DS)

Remember Blue Dragon, the generic but high quality 360 JRPG with the kick-ass boss battle theme? Well Mist Walker still wants it to become a serious series. Luckily they picked just the thing to get me interested. Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow is a 4-Player co-op action RPG, like Crystal Chronicles or Shining Soul! What’s more, you get to make your own custom Toriyama character! Needless to say I’m very interested.

Attack of the Movies 3D (Wii/360?!)

A 4-player light gun shooter with the basic theme of playing through generic movie worlds. Could be a fun romp on the Wii so I’ll give it a shot. The real question is why is it on 360?! Yes, it’s getting a 360 release, presumably with d-pad controls. Why!? The graphics are sub-par for a Wii game, but I’m allowing it because it’s a fun concept. But on 360!? That’s just so insane I still can’t believe it. So much so that it actually sapped most of my faith in the game! Why would you do that!
Rocket Knight (LiveArcade/PSN)

Sparkster the Rocket Knight finally returns after much fan demand. I have to admit, I love this Megaman 9/Bionic Commando Rearmed/New Super Mario Bros. Wii inspired trend of making new old games. While Rocket Knight is being handled by an American developers, things actually look promising for it. Besides, being on Live Arcade we’ll be able to try it before we buy! God I love that feature.
Gundemonium Recollection (PSN)

A collection of doujin cute ’em ups ported to PS3. Sure, why not? Seems to include both vertical and horizontal shooters and I am always up for some SHMUP as long as I don’t have to pay exorbitant import fees!

-Week 4-

Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)

Man, it’s like nothing is coming out this month! I wonder why that is? Oh. Yeah. Mario Galaxy 2. Taking the fantastic Mario Galaxy engine and doing more with it, Mario Galaxy 2 promises to be a damn good platformer at the very least.
Metal Torrent (DSi Ware)

Metal Torrent appears to be a manic vertical scrolling SHMUP coming to DSi Ware. Something about turning bullets into cubes? Regardless it looks like it could be good fun.
Witch’s Wish (DS)

Being brought to us courtesy of Natsume, Witch’s Wish seems to be a Harvest Moon-ish RPG where you play as a young Witch in Witch School. Though I doubt it’ll be as awesome as Magician’s Quest, I’m not even sure if that’s the route it’s trying to take. Whatever, it looks like something.

Legend of Kay (DS)

Now this is a weird one. Legend of Kay was a shockingly good Zelda clone on PS2 only really hurt by it’s terrible voicework. I played the demo and loved it, but never got around to buying it and kept meaning to. Now they’re claiming it’s coming to DS, but there are absolutely no screenshots of the DS version! All I can find is pictures of the PS2 game! Will it really look identical? That said, this release has been pushed back a lot already so I fully expect more delays.
Soldner X-2: Final Prototype (PSN)

Another interesting SHMUP, this time a side scroller. I admit, bullet hell sidescrollers are kinda rare and it does look fun. As I mentioned before, I’m not a hardcore SHMUP-phile, but I’ll give it a shot.

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