Sonic and the Unexpected Delay!

You know, I may just have to make a Sonic tag considering the amazing amount of discussion one can have on that darn blue hedgehog.

Anyway, we’ve received some highly unexpected Sonic 4 news: SEGA is delaying the game’s release until the end of the year!

This is incredibly unexpected when one realizes that the game was practically finished! Footage of the entire game, every single level, boss, and even the ending, were all leaked onto the internet. While SEGA tried to keep them down, the damage had been done.

As such, perhaps a large part of this delay is to redo all the levels to keep them fresh. Same tileset and music, but different layout perhaps? Possibly even swap one level with one from Episode 2 to keep players on their toes! As for what to do with the old levels? I’d think release them as DLC. They’re perfectly good stages so you may as well. I know I’d buy ’em for a couple bucks.

Of course that’s purely my theory based entirely on assumption and what I’d do in SEGA’s shoes. But heck, if I were them I would have just released Episode 1 as-is and put all the suggestions into Episode 2! Regardless, if they’re taking fan suggestions then let’s hope this means they’ll remove that mine cart stage.

Alternately, it could be SEGA giving up on the extra whiney fans already and the delay is to add Shadow to the game!

…okay, that was just mean. But, that does bring up one interesting idea.

While many fans demanded “only Sonic”, quite a few were sad to see the lack of side characters. Perhaps SEGA could attempt to please both with the delay being to make the game more DLC compatible.

Imagine this: Sonic 4 is released with just Sonic. Then, SEGA releases other characters as completely optional DLC. You download Tails and now you can play through Sonic 4 with Tails who gets his own storyline and ending and might even be able to be carried over to Episode 2. This means any characters you don’t want, you can avoid and any characters you do want can be downloaded! Is it just not right without Tails and Knuckles in the game? Download them. Are you a Shadow fan? Go ahead and take him! As for me? I’d be grabbing Marine, Espio, and Rouge myself.

Okay, that’s a pretty far fetched idea considering Sonic 4 was so heavily billed as being the “only Sonic”/ “return to his roots” game, but lord knows that’s how I’d like it to go down. But, I’ll be happy enough if they just remove that mine cart stage!

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