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New Releases: July 2010

July 2, 2010

I don’t think I have ever seen a month this slow in my entire life! July brings us only four games I have any interest in, one of which I’m quite wary about! That said I should mention that Ninety Nine Nights II missed last month’s list because it’s release date had not yet been announced until mid-month.

So then, on with the handful of titles July brings with it!

Week 1

Nothing, but again I could the first few days of the month as “Week 1”. At least every other week has a release.

Week 2

Tournament of Legends (Wii)

This is one release I am incredibly wary about. Tournament of Legends is a 3D fighter from High Voltage Software, makers of The Conduit, Family Guy: The Game, and White Men Can’t Jump. The twist is that it supports the MotionPlus. Initial videos looked horrible, showing canned motions and an a side view that would be awkward for MotionPlus based control. However later videos look…intriguing. However, they also fail to hype the previous mentioned MotionPlus support. On the other hand, the game is launching at a near budget price of $30. Did something go wrong in development and they’re dumping it, or are we really getting a good deal? Regardless, at that price I’m willing to take the massive risk on it. To it’s credit, at least the graphics look nice!

Week 3

Dragon Quest IX (DS)

Releasing on Sunday (so it could be considered last week depending on how you count) is Dragon Quest IX. I admit that most of the Dragon Quest series is quite bland, but there are a few stand out titles. Namely Dragon Warrior III and Dragon Warrior: Monsters. What these game have in common is a custom party of your own characters and that’s exactly what Dragon Quest IX brings to the table. As a raging customization monger, I look forward to this. There’s few thing I love quite as much as an RPG with a custom party. Not to mention I’m excited to meet Sandy the Ganguro Fairy. Screw Japan, she’s awesome!

Week 4

Arc Rise Fantasia (Wii)

What’s this? A polished, good looking JRPG for the Wii?! What a twist! While I know next to nothing about it, I am excited for it because…well…it’s colorful and looks neat! What? I’ve bought every other JRPG this generation. It’s a slow gen for the genre.

Week 5

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift (360/PS3)

A fighter receiving a minor incremental upgrade? Does this really surprise anybody? Continuum Shift tweaks balance issues, continues the story, and adds 2.5 new characters. The half comes from the fact that one of them is just a renamed and majorly toned down boss from the last game. However, Arc Systems Works has recently announced actual DLC (i.e. not on the disc) for the game that will add more characters; starting with fan favorite, Makoto the squirrel girl! Suddenly I care about Continuum Shift!

GameBabble Ep.13 – Transformers: Cybertron Adventures

July 1, 2010
While the 360/PS3 gets a fast paced third person shooter, the Wii gets…a lightgun shooter?! Is this a joke or is it half way decent?
Formats available: Windows Media (.wmv)