New Releases – August 2010

Slightly late as usual. This is what happens when I wait to have enough time to actually get pictures! Time I still don’t quite have! So if I do add pictures they will appear later. Until then, we’re already 10 days into August without the August game list!

Not that it matters though. This month is about as slow as last month with only afew standout releases here and there. Mostly the month belongs to Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade promotion. We’ve got some good stuff at the end though! Let’s take a look:

Week 1

Monster Rancher DS (DS)

Finally! After two and a half years of waiting, Monster Rancher DS finally arrives in America! It’s essentially like a portable Monster Rancher 2 with Monster Rancher 4 monsters. Personally I still prefer Monster Rancher 4 due to it’s Free Time system, but MRDS is still a good Monster Rancher and I never turn one of those down. If you’ve never played one before, you might wanna start now!
Castlevania: Harmony of Despair (XBLA)

A quickly slapped together online multiplayer cross-over Castlevania. Think Castlevania meets Diablo/PSO/Monster Hunter meets MUGEN/MvC2. Well worth $10! Shame it costs $15. Still good fun.

Week 2

Monday Night Combat (XBLA)

Some kind of XBox Live Arcade third person shooter. Could be fun, could be crap. Looks interesting enough.

Week 3

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (XBLA)

A Diablo looking top-down view 2-Player co-op Tomb Raider on XBox Live Arcade. Huh.

Gunblade NY and LA Machineguns (Wii)

Two arcade classics finally get a home release on Wii…about two generations after their release. Hey, I ain’t complaining! Especially since it’s budget priced. Too bad every time I’ve played these games, bad things have happened to me. I swear they’re cursed. I hope they don’t destroy my Wii somehow.


You know what I hate about Monster Hunter? The fact that it is the most piss-poor representation of it’s genre ever. You know what I love about Monster Hunter? The fact that it has caused an influx of Monster Hunter “clones”, all of which are better than it! Ys SEVEN is the ancient Ys series’s attempt at joining the multiplayer action RPG fun! Unfortunately it’s on PSP.

Week 4

Scott Pilgrim vs The World (XBLA/PSN) (Earlier (10th) on PSN)

I don’t know anything about Scott Pilgrim nor do I care. This game, however, looks like retro beat ’em up awesomeness! Unfortunately the multiplayer is said to be offline only, a damn shame as this looks like it could have been a Castle Crashers Killer. Oh well, it still looks awesome.

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero (XBLA)

So…Dead Rising is getting a downloadable prequel? Huh. I think it’s developed by a different team though and it looks way too serious but…still interesting. Also multiplayer here is online only. Man, it’s either offline only or online only these days! Getting both is a rarity!
Disney’s Guilty Party (Wii)

Yes, there’s a Disney title on the list. This is the kind of game my show was made for. Guilty Party is a multiplayer mystery game said to be like a combination of Carmen Sandiego and Clue. What’s more, it’s made by the people who made Stubbs the Zombie. As much as I hate the Wii for it’s non-functional Motion Control ruining controller; games like this remind me of why I review so much stuff on it. Seriously, how many other multiplayer mystery games have you played this year? It’s these sorts of unique titles that make me happy that we have the Wii and casual gamers. Fingers crossed it’s awesome enough to justify that praise.
Metroid: Other M (Wii)

Metroid: Other M is here already?! Wow, that’s madness! I admit I haven’t been keeping up on this one but I don’t need to because chances are you have. If you haven’t, it’s a new Metroid that blends 2.5D side scrolling and first person shooting. Interesting to say the least!

Valkyria Chronicles 2 (PSP)

One of the best games on PS3 gets a sequel! Unfortunately it’s on PSP. Whose bright idea was that?

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