New Releases – November 2010

Crunch time everybody! Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the day after is black friday! That means if you want your game under the Christmas tree, you need to start releasing now! This is the big game release month for the year and there’s so much coming out my brain might explode! Luckily there’s not much coming for the next two months afterwards so just think of this heaping gobwad* of games as the new releases for December and Januray while you’re at it. So let’s see what Santa’s elves will be waiting in line for at poorly managed GameStops this year?

*I haven’t used that term in years!

Week 1

Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 (360, PS3)

The continuation of Spike’s Tenkaichi series of Dragon Ball games. The last one was nice but was lacking in characters, and the sheer overload of characters was always the best thing about the Tenkaichi series! Luckily Raging Blast 2 brings that back with 68 characters including Zangya! They’re even adding 6 never before playable characters, like Vegeta’s little brother Tarble (from the recent reunion episode) and it comes with an OVA! Fingers crossed the online play works alright because this is the next-gen DBZ game fans have been waiting for!

Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage (360, PS3)

Koei’s second licensed Dynasty Warriors game and the motif fits like a glove! While slower than most Dynasty Warriors, the presentation is great and it plays well enough to have me intrigued. Preorder now to play as everyone’s favorite fabulous fat man, Mr.Heart!


King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match (XBLA)

Released on PS2 only in Japan, KOF 2002: Unlimited Match is a rebalanced version of KOF’s most recent character caked dream match. If NeoGeo Battle Colosseum and the abysmal Samurai Shodown Sen are any indication, SNK may have finally learned gotten their net code working which may make this a must-download game for fighting fans. Strangely I cannot find a PSN release for this, which is funny because just the other day a guy was in my local import store talking about how the PS3 was better than the 360 because it has the games he wants, like KOF, on it.

Kinect (360)

Kinect launches at midnight and the motion control wars officially begin! I am the only person excited about this. Not the Kinect, I mean the motion control wars. So what am I buying for it?

Dance Central (360 Kinect)

A blatant clone of Just Dance. Normally I’d tell this to go fuck itself considering how bad Just Dance is, but it’s made by Harmonix. If there is one company I trust to make a good music game, it’s Harmonix. However, unless they surprise me at the last minute, I can already confirm that We Cheer is superior.


DanceMasters (360 Kinect)

Konami’s DanceMasters is looking to be the most sadly overlooked game on Kinect. With full routines, a better interface, and DDR music, DanceMasters looks infinitely more awesome than Dance Central in my eyes and is the only legitimate challenge to We Cheer’s spot as the best motion controlled dancing game ever. Expect a comparison episode of all three.


Sonic Free Riders (360 Kinect)

The original Sonic Riders was an overlooked gem of sorts. While note perfect, it marked a huge step forward for the Sonic series and if one pays attention, you can easily see it’s influence in all 3D Sonics released afterwards with their more linear, racetrack-based stage design. More than that, a racing game is the perfect thing to do with Sonic’s bloated cast of extras! I’ll be honest, I like a decent number of them (Espio, Omega, Marine, and Rouge specifically) so I definately want them to be playable again without “stealing the spotlight” from Sonic. So yes, the Sonic series needs it’s own signature racing spin-off and Sonic Riders did that perfectly! Unfortunately it’s sequel, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, was terrible. While I don’t have much faith in Sonic Free Riders, it already looks better than Zero Gravity so there’s some hope at least.

Fling Smash (Wii)

A unique looking platformery game based on bouncing an angry ball through stages to defeat enemies. Looks pretty neat and has solid looking visuals.



Week 2

The Fight: Lights Out (PS3 Move)

The Move’s potential killer app was delayed from last month. Hopefully this will be awesome enough to draw attention away from the Kinect. If it is, the timing is perfect as it will be making review headlines right as the Kinect is disappointing the “core” gaming masses. Fingers are very much crossed. (I like the Move)


Guwange (XBLA)

Wait what?! One of Cave’s earlier bullet hell shooters is coming to XBox Live Arcade?! I thought Microsoft was steering away from that! Good thing they appear to have changed their mind!



Week 3

Sonic Colors (Wii, DS)

This is the big one folks. Sonic Colors is looking to be the “All Day Stage Sonic Unleashed” we’ve been hoping for! All early reviews have been good, the graphics are gorgeous, and there are even reports of over 50 stages! If this is as good as it looks, it may not only be Sonic’s big comeback but also a Mario Galaxy killer and the best thing on Wii not called Sin & Punishment! Seriously, the day stages in Sonic Unleashed were really good. Better still, the DS version is a 2D sidescroller in the vein of Sonic Rush! So this could be a double dose of great Sonic games! M.Night Shamylan would kill for a twist like this!


Pac-Man Party (Wii)

Well this came out of nowhere. A nice looking Pac-Man themed party game? I mean visually it does look impressive, but it could also suck. What bothers me is what appears to be a completely original cast of characters. C’mon! Bring back the random other Namco characters like Pac-Man Fever had! If not that then at least Ms.Pac-Man, Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Sue, Clyde, and Milu (from Pac N’ Pal)! Ah well, looks fascinating so while not a day one purchase I intend to keep my eye on it. Seriously, when you see decent looking graphics on the Wii, that’s a sign of a potential diamond in the rough.


Namco Museum Megamix (Wii)

Back when the Wii launched, Namco released “Namco Museum Remix” which had 15 old Namco games and some Wii remakes of some of them. Well this is the same thing but with more games and, most importantly, more remakes. Color me intrigued if the price is right.



Week 4

Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii)

You know, I was actually thinking about how we needed a 2.5D DKC that looks just like the prerendered graphics of the original game and how cool that would be. Well we’re kind of getting that it seems! DKC Returns is looking to be everything New Super Mario Bros. Wii should have been. By that I mean it looks like actual effort went into this one!



Week 5

Crazy Taxi (XBLA, PSN)

It’s time to make some crazy money! SEGA continues to port as much of the DC library to XBLA as they can.


Splatterhouse (360, PS3)

Splatterhouse finally drags itself out of development hell and after this long I can’t help but be intrigued!


Michael Jackson The Experience (DS)

Poor MJ is rolling in his grave as Ubisoft looks to deliver his worst videogame apperance yet. No, seriously, Michael Jackson has been in a lot of videogames (Moonwalker, Space Channel 5, Ready 2 Rumble: Round 2, Toshinden 3, Photography Boy, Kendo Rage 2) and even designed one himself (yes, MJ designed Moonwalker) so it’s a bit sad that the first game he’ll appear in after his death will easily be the worst one. Seriously, it’s a cheap clone of Ubisoft’s own Just Dance with a terrible looking Michael Jackson look-alike. Thankfully the DS one looks to be non-terrible. In fact, it looks to be a blatant knock-off of  Elite Beat Agents! So thank goodness for small favors!

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS)

The latest installment in the Golden Sun series looks to be an impressively presented game. Yeah I’m not a Golden Sun fan but I am intrigued.

Epic Mickey (Wii)

The game no one can get over, this somewhat dark Mickey Mouse platformer has drawn a lot of attention. As for me? I’m somewhat intrigued.

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