Kinect vs Move: Target Ad Showdown!

While I hate to put too many “bloggy” posts here, I just remembered something that happened today that really caught my attention.

I was at Target earlier today and while I was in the electronics department, I saw their entire ad loop quite a few times and it had ads for both the Kinect and the Move.

The Move ad:


The Kinect ad:


In one ad we have Sony’s fictional VP of everything, Kevin Butler, telling you straight to your face that this belief that Motion Control is a stupid gimmick is wrong as it shows clips of heated (and often ridiculous) competition between players as epic music plays. While the clips of Singstar in there don’t exactly help his case, this ad really tries to convey how the Move isn’t just for casuals and how it can change gaming for the better. While it doesn’t succeed entirely, it does try.

In the other ad, we have random people flailing around and running in place badly while a calm voice tells you “it isn’t about winning or losing”. Literally the polar opposite of Sony’s ad. I don’t think anything could ever exemplify the differences between these two controllers and their philosophies more perfectly.

That’s not to say the Kinect won’t be impressive. I am, in fact, quite excited about picking mine up tonight. However I will admit to being a bit biased towards the Move despite past animosity towards Sony. If you ever wondered why that is, these ads explain it perfectly.

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