New Releases – December 2010

A little late but it doesn’t really matter. It’s December and that means time is up for Christmas releases! As such there’s…practically nothing coming out this month. I had to scrounge for releases and even then it’s slim pickings. What do we have? Well let’s take a look!

Week 1

Unbound Saga (XBLA)

An XBox Live Arcade port of a PSP title that desperately tries to be a fusion of Comix Zone and Streets of Rage. Nowhere near the sum of it’s parts, a generic beat ’em up with a cute concept. At least it has online play!

Week 2

TRON Evolution (PS3, 360, Wii, DS, PSP)

An impressive looking movie tie-in. TRON Evolution will also have Move support on PS3 for lightcycle racing.

Week 3

Super Mario All-Stars (Wii)

One question on the minds of many gamers was how Nintendo would handle the much demanded Wii port of Super Mario All-Stars. Many people wanted to see it on Virtual Console. However a VC release would be $8 (average price of SNES games) while each game individually is $5, so would they raise the price of a VC release or what? Ends up the answer to that question is that Mario All-Stars is getting a budget priced boxed release packed with a soundtrack in time for Mario’s 25th Birthday! While the pack lacks Super Mario World it is still a good deal. However I wonder if it’s just going to be a Virtual Console game on a disc or something a little bit more?

Week 4

Merry Christmas! No releases this week because seriously, who releases games on Christmas?

Week 5

Raskulls (XBLA)

Some kind of 2D sidescroller for XBox Live Arcade featuring skull-headed characters. Yeah, I’m kinda stretching for releases here.

Hot Shots Golf 5 (PS3)

Supposedly just a re-release of Hot Shots Gold: Out of Bounds with Move support added. Very little hard information exists.

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