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New Releases – January 2011

January 2, 2011

Happy New Year everybody! It’s only shortly after Christmas so releases are still slim. However there’s a few more titles than usual this month that catch my eye. Okay basically only two, but that’s still more than usual for January! Let’s take a look:

Week 1

Lost in Shadow (Wii)

Lost in Shadow is a side scrolling platformer with the twist being that your main character is a shadow. As such, you platform across the shadows cast by objects in the foreground. Needless to say the game seems artsy and intriguing and will no doubt raise eyebrows.


Week 2

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded (DS)

A new DS Kingdom Hearts that is a remake of a cellphone puzzle game. Honestly I’m pretty confused about it, but it might be worth looking into.


Week 3

Mindjack (360, PS3)

A Japanese made 3rd person shooter with online co-op play. Made by FeelPlus (makers of Lost Odyssey and N3II) and published by SquareEnix, it intrigues me just enough that I want to look into it. If nothing else it has giant robots.


Week 4

Lord of Arcana (PSP)

What is this? Yet another “Monster Hunter Clone” that bears little to no resemblance to Monster Hunter? The interface looks like PSO, it has God of War flavored QTEs, and I love the over-the-top armor! Sold! I gotta be honest, multiplayer dungeon crawls are one of my favorite genres.