New Releases – February 2011

As we move into February the releases pick up once again. We’ve got some winners this month with Marvel vs Capcom 3 ruling most people’s minds. However it won’t be until late March that the shit really starts to pour in again.

Week 1

Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 (XBLA)

Now this is confusing, a sequel to a remake of an NES game that itself is not a remake. Weird. Regardless with Bionic Commando Rearmed being pretty darn awesome, this might be worth looking in to.

Week 2

Mario Sports Mix (Wii)

In a first for the series, Mario Sports Mix contains multiple Marioed up sports games. Created by SquareEnix of all companies, this is their second Mario Sports title after Mario Hoops 3 on 3 on the DS. Sure enough, Sports Mix also contains basketball along with two different flavors of hockey, volleyball, and even dodgeball! That last one has me particularly interested as I happen to be a fan of Super Dodgeball and this game does not look far removed. On top of that we have a variety of eyebrow raising Final Fantasy (and one Dragon Quest) guest characters and stages. Why do I have a feeling this is going to be the best Final Fantasy in years?

Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll (PS3)
Now here’s an odd one. Zill O’ll was a PS1 RPG dating back to 1999 (and I swear it, itself, was a spin-off of a Saturn strategy game but I’m not certain). Years later a sequel called Zill O’ll Infinity was released on PS2 and then ported to PSP as Infinity Plus. Now we have a PS3 action RPG created by the Dynasty Warriors team. What’s funny is that the game looks like a combination of Ninety-Nine Nights II and Konami’s OZ, both Dynasty Warriors clones! Admittedly though the game is only a little bit like Dynasty Warriors and is a bit closer to a vaguely Monster Hunter-esque dungeon crawl. But don’t take my word for it, there’s a demo for download!

Week 3

Dance Paradise (360 Kinect)

THQ brings us another dancing game for Kinect. Considering dancing games are about all that thing is good for and it seems to have a decent array of music, I’ll probably throw myself at the mercy of the game and give it a shot.
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (360, PS3)

Do I really even need to say anything? It’s a 3 on 3 tag-team fighter from Capcom (though the actual developer still hasn’t been revealed) that everyone has been salivating over for months now. If you don’t know about MvC3, you live under a rock.
Hyperdimension Neptunia (PS3)

In the magical land of GameIndustri, Neptune must unite the Console Goddesses to combat the evil of the witch Arfoire. No, I am not making this up. It’s an RPG where console-tans have to stop the console wars and join forces to combat the evils of game piracy. Though clearly running on the Trinity Universe engine and the lack of actual licensing beyond SEGA (yes, the main character is SEGA) does prevent the game from reaching it’s full potential, this is the kind of game I have to see. That said, it is kinda sad that a game about stopping the console wars is PS3 exclusive and not multi-platform. Ah well.

Hard Corps: Uprising (XBLA, PSN)

Konami joins forces with Arc Systems Works to produce an anime-styled high-res 2D Contra. Looks delicious!


Week 4

Bulletstorm (360, PS3)

A rather arcadey combo-based first person shooter featuring Steve Blum as Space Wolverine. Hooray! Honestly I don’t hate first person shooters, I just hate realism. So it’s nice to see a game have fun again. Try the demo, it’s out there!
Dreamcast Collection (360, PC)

Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, SEGA Bass Fishing, and Space Channel 5 parts 1 and 2 all together in a pack for 360 and PC…which might have been more impressive if we couldn’t just buy them as XBLA titles. Ah well, it’s nice that they get a boxed release too.
Knights Contract (360, PS3)

Some kind of action RPG of mild interest. Sounds a lot like Enslaved with a different setting actually but admittedly I have not heavily researched this one.
Radiant Historia (DS)

Fancy new DS RPG from Atlus that looks pretty promising. I know very little about it beyond the fact that it intrigues me.


Week 5

Gun Loco (360)

A 360 exclusive goofy run and gun third person shooter from…SquareEnix?! This gives me mixed feelings. For starters, SquareEnix just published a third person shooter last month! For another thing, it looks like a very cheap knock-off of Bulletstorm! Lastly though, was this really made in-house by SquareEnix?! This thing baffles me so hard I might have to check it out as it looks like it could be either an under appreciated cult classic or a total atrocity of gaming.

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One Comment on “New Releases – February 2011”

  1. RegalSin Says:

    Dreamcast collection = waste of plastic . they just need to make a new series.

    Koei = comapny that makes those long strategic games, and even one that is online for the GCN.
    Amazing, making for complex shite, that nobody understands and somehow somebody can talk about the one turn-based off they created

    Bionic_Comanndo = Indana Jones = Movie??????
    action figure????? nobody still remembers there was a sequel already and it was not on the GBC

    Oh did we mention all differnt games are in relation to each other and provides differnt things ( asides transforming beastmen )

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