Castlevania HD coming to PSN without all of the DLC

Kotaku is the sleezy tabloid rag of game journalism. This is a fact we are going to see play out time and time again. Latest on the list is their posting about the upcoming release of Castlevania: Harmony of Despair on PSN.

(excuse me if the link fails to work, Kotaku’s site is set up oddly)

The title of the article is:

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Hits PSN Next Month With All of the 360’s DLC”

Now, can you find one of the key words in that title? All of the 360’s DLC. This quote will no doubt rile up Castlevania HD players who have already purchased the DLC on 360 and cause PS3 fans to claim they were glad they waited. It is blatant flame war bait. It’s also wrong.

Reading further into the short announcement, you would find this:

“It will also feature a new, local four-player cooperative mode in addition to the six-player online cooperative mode, the “Beauty, Desire, Situation Dire” map pack and characters Julius Belmont and Yoko Belnades.

That is not “all” of the DLC. Rather that was the early first batch of DLC. Omitted is the character packs for Richter, Maria, Simon, and Getsu Fuuma as well as four different map packs. (Honestly it feels like I’m forgetting at least one more piece of DLC)

What is interesting though is the addition of 4-player local co-op and if that will be added to the 360 release or not. So a better title would have been “Castlevania HD coming to PSN in September with 4-player local co-op” or something along those lines.

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