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New Releases – November 2011

November 15, 2011

Hey! Remember all those delayed titles? Well they’re here now and they all come out the 15th! No. Seriously. Everything comes out November 15th. Everything.

…and that’s just the PS3! The 360 and the Wii also have plenty coming out that day too! So let’s get crackin’ and please excuse the more rough layout. Me and WordPress have been fighting over how we want these titles arranged every month.


Sonic Generations (360, PS3)

The Sonic Cycle is broken and Sonic is back in action. Sonic Generations features both classic 2D Sonic and Unleashed/Colors-style 2D/3D blended modern gameplay as well coupled with brilliant level design and intense speed. It’s short, but sweet.
Otomedius Excellent (360)

Holy crap it actually came out! Oh it had some shipping issues. Despite preordering I didn’t get my copy until a week later and I had to buy it from a different store but it is finally here. Let me make one thing clear though: this game is NOT the next Parodius. It is a middleground between Gradius and Parodius and does it’s own thing. The game is fun and the localization was incredibly well done with a nicely subtitled opening and ending sequence and running subtitles through the game. Considering the crap Konami had to go through to get this released on top of the fact that it’s selling for a budgeted $30? I highly recommend a purchase just on principal if you like shooters or anime. It’s good stuff.
Super Mario 3D Land (3DS)

New Mario, now in weird angled 3D! I’ve heard mixed things about this one but I’ll give it a look.
Fossil Fighters Champions (DS)

Never played the original but the screenshots for this Pokesaurus battling game look promising.
Kung Fu High Impact (Kinect)

Hey! Remember last year when the best Kinect game was on PS3 and was called Kung-Fu Live? Well now they’ve made a sequel that’s actually for the Kinect! This is a good thing as while Kung-Fu Live was fun when it worked, the Playstation Eye alone is not good at blue-screening your body out. Meanwhile that’s one of the few things the Kinect is good at! Unfortunately, it’s a full priced boxed release now rather than a $10 download.
Shinobi (3DS)

Hey! New Shinobi for the 3DS…although it does look a touch questionable!
Medival Moves: Deadmund’s Quest (PS3)

From the makers of Sports Champions comes a rail slasher/shooter starring the Tech Demo Skeleton fighting secret characters from Sports Champions! You know what? I’ll take it just because the controls are freaking amazing. Also, is that Brian Blessed as the king?!
Rayman Origins (PS3, 360, Wii)

4-Player Rayman jumps on the 2D revival bandwagon! You’ll hear no complaints from me!
Saints Row: The Third (360, PS3)

Saints Row may not look like the kind of game I’d enjoy at first. I mean it’s a thug gangsta wanna-be simulation, right? Wrong. Beneath it’s thuggish exterior lies a game for everyone that truly understand how a sandbox should work. The second game was already everything I always wanted GTA to be and this third entry looks to be kicking everything up to eleven! …except the clothing customization.
Mario & Sonic at the London Olympics (Wii)

Hey! The Winter Olympics turned out pretty good! I’ll definitely give this a look.
Zelda: Skywards Sword (Wii)

Finally! A Zelda with motion based sword controls! Or, in short, what the Wii should have launched with! I mean has anyone else noticed that up until this point Nintendo had yet to release a full game that utilizes motion control? In fact, Skyward Sword was originally going to be button based! That makes me worry about the quality of the motion control.
Sonic Generations (3DS)

Even more Sonic Generations for you! No it’s not a port, the 3DS release is an entirely different game with the same concept but different stages. In Japan they even have different names: Sonic Generations White Void and Black Void! Considering how amazing the console one is, I can’t wait to get my hands on this!
Tekken Hybrid (PS3)

If you thought the live action Tekken movie was bad, brace yourselves! Tekken Hybrid is a double pack of Tekken Tag Tournament HD and the CG Movie Tekken Bloodline Rebellion…which is actually worse than the live action film! No, seriously, I’ve seen it. Nearly the entire movie is Xiaoyu and Alisa stalking a living Mac Guffin with lesbian overtones and very little actual fighting  only to end on a completely absurd DBZ-esque battle that involves 3 characters who have done nothing the entire rest of the movie. That’s not even getting into the fact that the film went from making some vague degree of sense to suddenly having a million plotholes just in that last battle! It’s…some bizarre kind of So Bad It’s Good that I absolutely must own.
The King of Fighters XIII (PS3, 360)

Speaking of fighting games with So Bad It’s Good movies made about them (seriously, the KOF movie is amazing!), the latest KOF finally comes out with amazing 2D graphics! Color me interested!

New Releases: October 2011

November 1, 2011

Sorry to be so late, but October has been a busy month. Between trips, house sitting, job hunting, trip booking, and the passing of my dog Pepe…well I’ve been too busy to do much of anything. Luckily I didn’t really miss anything as, much like this post, nearly everything coming out in October got delayed until November.

Until then, here’s the no frills no comments list of crap I was interested in for October:

10/11    Aliens: Infestation (DS)
Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny (PS3, Wii)
Hulk Hogan’s Main Event (360 Kinect)
10/12 Guardian Heroes (XBLA)
Real Steel (XBLA, PSN)
10/16    Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure (EVERYTHING)
10/18    Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotte… (3DS)
Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One (PS3)
10/19 Dungeon Defenders (XBLA, PSN)
10/24     Kirby’s Return to Dreamland (Wii)
10/25     Centipede: Infestation (Wii, 3DS later)

Bloody Roar 5: A Hoax that Should Be Real

November 1, 2011

Some things are just too good to be true, and apparently Bloody Roar 5 was one of them. As it ends up, Bloody Roar 5 was a hoax by a Bloody Roar fan trying to show Hudson that there was still interest in the series. I don’t know if Hudson noticed though, but the point was definitely proven to me. Nearly every person I told about Bloody Roar 5 responded with uproarious glee! Many of them were even more ecstatic than me, and I consider Bloody Roar my favorite 3D fighting game series!

It’s here that the truth became obvious: the only people that really hated Bloody Roar were the “hardcore” fighting gamers. You tell someone who just plays fighter for fun about Bloody Roar and chances are they already love it. It’s flashy, fun, easy to play, and has an interesting gimmick. As such the series really could use a revival as it may have more mainstream appeal that one would first realize.

Unfortunately, the gaming press responded differently. Most of them continued to make snarky comments like “LOL THEY SHOULD BRING BACK BALLZ 3D NEXT!” and generally groaned at the concept of a new Bloody Roar. It has been so deeply ingrained that Bloody Roar is a bad game that few people are willing to pull their heads out of their asses and see the truth. But alas, if anything would cloud Hudson’s judgement on calling up Eighting and having them bring back Bloody Roar, that would be it.

What I said earlier still stands. Bloody Roar is a fantastic fighting series that merges elements of 2D fighters into a 3D fighter in such a way that fans of both styles of games can enjoy it. It has a great cast of characters, fun and flashy combat, and an interesting gimmick in it’s transformable characters. The series deserves another chance.

I’ve dreamed of a Bloody Roar 5 for years now and I will continue to dream. Some things just need to happen. Until then, I’m going back to Primal Fury because you know what? I still prefer it to any other 3D fighter on the market.

…honestly, Hudson, you could just port that to XBox Live Arcade and add online play (and movelists! PLEASE add movelists!). The character models still look great and the fighting is still rock solid. It’s a good way to test the waters on if people would really buy a new Bloody Roar. But more importantly, it may finally make people realize the potential of the series. Few have actually had a chance to play Bloody Roar against skilled opponents or have any reason to learn to get better beyond button mashing. Adding online play would open up a world of opponents and the drive to be the best may cause people to finally realize the true depth of the game.

Seriously, Bloody Roar needs to come back.