Bloody Roar 5: A Hoax that Should Be Real

Some things are just too good to be true, and apparently Bloody Roar 5 was one of them. As it ends up, Bloody Roar 5 was a hoax by a Bloody Roar fan trying to show Hudson that there was still interest in the series. I don’t know if Hudson noticed though, but the point was definitely proven to me. Nearly every person I told about Bloody Roar 5 responded with uproarious glee! Many of them were even more ecstatic than me, and I consider Bloody Roar my favorite 3D fighting game series!

It’s here that the truth became obvious: the only people that really hated Bloody Roar were the “hardcore” fighting gamers. You tell someone who just plays fighter for fun about Bloody Roar and chances are they already love it. It’s flashy, fun, easy to play, and has an interesting gimmick. As such the series really could use a revival as it may have more mainstream appeal that one would first realize.

Unfortunately, the gaming press responded differently. Most of them continued to make snarky comments like “LOL THEY SHOULD BRING BACK BALLZ 3D NEXT!” and generally groaned at the concept of a new Bloody Roar. It has been so deeply ingrained that Bloody Roar is a bad game that few people are willing to pull their heads out of their asses and see the truth. But alas, if anything would cloud Hudson’s judgement on calling up Eighting and having them bring back Bloody Roar, that would be it.

What I said earlier still stands. Bloody Roar is a fantastic fighting series that merges elements of 2D fighters into a 3D fighter in such a way that fans of both styles of games can enjoy it. It has a great cast of characters, fun and flashy combat, and an interesting gimmick in it’s transformable characters. The series deserves another chance.

I’ve dreamed of a Bloody Roar 5 for years now and I will continue to dream. Some things just need to happen. Until then, I’m going back to Primal Fury because you know what? I still prefer it to any other 3D fighter on the market.

…honestly, Hudson, you could just port that to XBox Live Arcade and add online play (and movelists! PLEASE add movelists!). The character models still look great and the fighting is still rock solid. It’s a good way to test the waters on if people would really buy a new Bloody Roar. But more importantly, it may finally make people realize the potential of the series. Few have actually had a chance to play Bloody Roar against skilled opponents or have any reason to learn to get better beyond button mashing. Adding online play would open up a world of opponents and the drive to be the best may cause people to finally realize the true depth of the game.

Seriously, Bloody Roar needs to come back.

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2 Comments on “Bloody Roar 5: A Hoax that Should Be Real”

  1. dmw1011 Says:

    Sorry to arrive EIGHT MONTHS late to the party, but I agree wholeheartedly. Bloody Roar was such an excellent game series, even with whatever flaws each of the games may have had. Personally, the only BR game I ever disliked was Bloody Roar 4, and that’s primarily because its story had drifted SO far away from the series’ original premise that it wasn’t funny–that and the fact that the game was so lazily slapped together, it was embarrassing (same models as in BR Extreme/Primal Fury, same backgrounds from other BR games except for being darker, more blood to justify the “Mature” rating, sub-par voice acting, et cetera.). Honestly, I would have happily waited one more year for Hudson to give us all a much better game in 2004 than to have received the official BR4, which I’ve heard so many other BR fans dislike as well to the point where one might easily accuse BR4 of killing the entire franchise. Worse yet, with Hudson Soft now having gone out of business this past March, I doubt that Konami would be interested at all in bringing BR back. I hope I’m wrong, but I fear that I might be right.

    If there’s anything I or any other fellow BR fan of yours can do to help generate interest in the Bloody Roar series again, please let me know. Personally, I’m tempted to do a mini-series on my own blog about how I’d reboot the BR saga in literary form, if I only had the rights to do so, but right now, I’m in the middle of a mini-series called “How Video Games Spur My Creativity” that I’d much sooner finish up before I tackle that topic. At any rate, though, feel free to stop by my blog and check out my July 4th tribute poem to the Bloody Roar franchise whenever you get the chance, and in the meantime, good luck with the rest of your blog here.

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