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New Releases – January 2012

January 21, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sorry I’m late (I really do need to post more) but it doesn’t matter as January 2012 is a bit of a game drought. Don’t worry, it won’t last long. February is shaping up to be exciting and March as usual is our second big game rush. But this month, three games come out:


Haunt (Kinect XBLA)
Some kind of haunted house game from Nana-On Sha, the makers of Parappa the Rapper that uses the Kinect. Admittedly I have not yet tried it.


Soul Calibur V (360, PS3)
With the same gorgrous visuals as SC4 but now with actual content and an even better character creation system, SC5 promises to be…umm…more Soul Calibur. That said, this game ditches half the cast to make way for a new generation of heroes for better or for worse.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 (360, PS3)
It’s FFXIII…NOW WITH TOWNS! But minus the one good thing about the original: the characters. With only 2 playable characters and some jaw droppingly stupid writing…umm…I’m just gonna rent this one.