New Releases – March 2012

Here it is, March! The end of the first quarter of the year! If you wanna start the year off right you have to release something before the end of March leading to the release of…well…everything that couldn’t make it out in time for Christmas. Conveniently March 30th is also my birthday! So I’m happy with this state of affairs!


Mass Effect 3 (360, PS3)

The epic trilogy comes to a close and brings some enjoyable online multiplayer along for the ride! Say what you will about the rest of the game, but everyone complaining about the online multiplayer is just being silly. Oh no! Not an optional bonus mode where I get to play as random troops in the big war against the Reapers!
Street Fighter X Tekken (360, Ps3)

The cross-over many have been waiting decades for is here! Too bad Capcom has been generating negative publicity at lightning speed, often distracting people from SFxT’s insane gameplay!
Blades of Time (360, PS3)

Somehow, garbage hack n’ slash title X-Blades is getting a sequel. Even more surprising? It’s actually pretty freaking awesome! Since I’m late I’ll just tell you right now that I’ve beaten it and while at the start it’s a mediocre hack n’ slash, once you start using the game’s time rewind ability in combat it becomes awesome. Better still, it’s a budget priced release! Well worth it!
Tales of Graces f (PS3)

An enhanced port of the “Wii Exclusive” Tales of. On the up side, the localization is excellent with fully voiced skits and an opening themesong! On the downside…it’s a port of a Wii game and a little weird in terms of how they handle the combat. Still, if you’re not a stickler for the traditional Tales Of combat and don’t mind it getting a little awkward, then this is well worth a look as Tales Of always delivers on being a lengthy and enjoyable JRPG experience. More importantly, buy this so Tales of Xillia eventually makes it here!
Yakuza Dead Souls (PS3)

A non-canon (I assume) zombie themed spin-off of SEGA’s excellent Yakuza series. The bad news? It’s mostly gun based and still plays like Yakuza, meaning not quite a beat ’em up and not quite a shooter. The up side? Lengthy, meaty, all sorts of insanity, and playable Majima!
Armored Core V (360, PS3)

Honestly, I buy Armored Core out of a sense of personal obligation to the series. I mean I love giant robots and Armored Core is THE super complex giant robot game! However I’m hearing something about ACV focusing on team based co-op play? Fascinating.
Ninja Gaiden 3 (360, PS3)

It’s a new Ninja Gaiden! Now with less Itagaki! Yeah…I have no clue what to make of it but color me interested I guess.
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (360, PS3)

Capcom teams up with the makers of Socom to create a squad based Resident Evil spin-off where you play as the Umbrella Corporation’s clean up crew!
Warriors Orochi 3 (360, PSN)

The newest entry in the cross-over tag-team spin-off of the Warriors series promises 120 playable characters including Ryu Hayabusa and Ayane! Not to mention I’m hearing something about online co-op play, possibly for the whole campaign! However, if you want a physical copy you’ll have to go 360. Due to the fact that Koei isn’t dubbing the game, Sony isn’t allowing them to publish a physical copy meaning it’s download only on PS3. Don’t you just love Sony of America’s “Quality Control”?

Sine Mora (XBLA)

Grasshopper teams up with a Western developer to make an XBLA SHMUP! Color me interested! After all, the demo is free.
Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS)

Kid Icarus is back in this very fascinating new game which may turn out to be the 3DS’s much needed killer app!
Rythm Thief (3DS)

Elite Beat Layton got delayed apparently. Will it actually come out this month?
Sorcery (PS3 Move)

After a drastic art style change, the Move’s first full fledged adventure is on the way! No rails and no way to play with just a normal controller, Sorcery promises to take full advantage of the Move’s motion sensing capabilities. Fingers crossed that it delivers.

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