New Releases – April 2012

With the March release rush behind us it’s slow sailing from here on out. This month sees so few boxed releases worth a purchase it’s ridiculous! But there’s some downloadable goodness ahead, some push back, and most importantly: Xenoblade Chronicles!

04/03  Kinect Star Wars (Kinect)

Well here it is, the Kinect game everyone has been waiting for! Too bad reports have been…not good and I doubt it’s going to work very well. The Kinect just isn’t meant for this kind of game.

04/06    Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii)

Project Rainfall was a success and Xenoblade is coming to America! However, it’s a GameStop exclusive. Why? Well Nintendo probably felt that no one would order the minimum amount of copies necessary to make the game a financial success, so GameStop probably said “We’ll order the numbers you want if you make it exclusive to GameStop”. While I know many people are against the store, this is one time we need to put aside our hate and support the game. With over 90 hours of gameplay, a nearly Skyrim sized world, tons of sidequests, and being hailed as one of the best JRPGs of the generation, this is not a game you are going to want to miss. Better still, since it’s a Wii game it’s only $50! So, if you like JRPGs and you have a Wii, you NEED to buy this game. No exceptions.

04/10    Phantom Breaker (360)

Though it looks kinda crappy, Phantom Breaker is a simplified fighter with some serious potential made by the old Asuka 120% crew. The game might be pushed back though, but we should hopefully see it this month.

04/11   Skullgirls (XBLA, PSN)

Speaking of awesome fighters that get pushed back a lot, it’s Skullgirls! The indie darling fighter made by tournament players. The opinions on the game are very divisive. Some love the game, calling it the most balanced fighter ever made (despite having spent little or no time with it) while others consider it a complete joke. Whatever the case may be, I am excited to get to try it out. The visuals look amazing and I want to test the supposed balance the game touts. The tiny character roster, however, is disappointing.
04/17 The House of the Dead 4 (PSN)

With the PS3 being the only HD console that has a lightgun, I was wondering when this game would see it’s much needed console port. The Move is the perfect controller to handle it too (as the game features pointless waggling in some scenes on top of lightgun shooting) and with it being a PSN download it’ll probably be cheap too! Will go well with the PSN House of the Dead 3.
04/27  Akai Katana Shin (360)

Well…that was unexpected. It’s a Cave shooter coming to America courtesy of the recently opened US branch of Rising Star Games! Yes, they have confirmed it will get a boxed release. So, SHMUP fans? Get your wallets ready and prepare to support this game!

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