This Barren Blogging Wasteland: Quantity over Quality?

The GameBabble blog is a barren wasteland of content. With exactly one noteworthy article that generates copious amounts of hits and little else.

This needs to change.

The purpose of this blog is basically to act as one gigantic writing sample for potential employers. I do legitimately wish to be a game journalist and as such every article I have written has been in an overly refined style. This is detrimental to the blog though as it means I overplan each article and many often just don’t get written.

The fact of the matter is that quality isn’t really that important to many gaming websites. Considering the stuff places like Kotaku post on a regular basis, it’s clear they want quantity over quality. As such, I have made a decision to post more. We’re talking nearly every day! However, posts will probably become more bloggish.

Make no mistake, I will still write big serious heavily researched articles as well. I will also not just post stupid drivel with little to no thought put behind it (i.e. what Kotaku usually does). But I will make more random opinion and blog-like posts. Things like “Why it’s important to buy Xenoblade Chronicles” or “Toshinden needs a reboot!” (yes, I own the Wii one. It is not related). As such, I hope you stay tuned as I move more opinions to this blog.

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