To Be Continued…in DLC!

Well today brought with it yet another batch of DLC for a variety of titles, and included in the DLC was a $7 stage pack for Asura’s Wrath containing the last four stages of the game and the ending.

If you’re unfamiliar with the situation, Asura’s Wrath’s true ending is a cliff hanger which lead many to believe that a sequel was in the works. A perfectly reasonable assumption, really. However, it seems that in reality there is no sequel, just DLC.

What makes this situation all the more astonishing is that this isn’t the first time someone has pulled this crap! Final Fantasy XIII-2’s “True Ending” is also a cliffhanger and players will need to purchase DLC to continue the story! Not to mention, Mass Effect 3’s credit sequence ends with “Purchase DLC to continue your story!”.

This…is a disturbing trend.

Seriously, players already have to pay far more than they would like to when it comes to purchasing games. But, now developers are expecting gamers to pay even more if they want to actually see the ending?! One does have to wonder how long this trend will continue, if this questionable venture will actually prove profitable, and what kind of backlash we can expect.

To the credit of the games mentioned here though, Asura’s Wrath’s DLC is a handful of new stages along with the ending. FFXIII-2’s DLC is going to also be a continuation of the quest. Still, both imply their games are, in a way, incomplete. Mass Effect 3’s ending DLC (which contains JUST new endings) will be free.

Meanwhile, I just paid $1 today for a pack of 31 costumes for Warriors Orochi 3, a meaty game that already contains over 120 characters with 4 costumes each. It was also a 50 MB download, confirming it is in fact real DLC. I also grabbed a 4 stage pack for $2. A fantastic reminder of why DLC isn’t necessarily evil.

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