New Releases – May 2012

You know, I was so looking forward to listing Phantom Breaker this month but, like many games I am interested in, it has been pushed back again. Aside from that, we see a few interesting titles in what is otherwise a slow month.


Diablo III (PC)

I nearly missed this one as I barely pay attention to PC releases, but Diablo III is finally almost here! If you are unfamiliar, Diablo is basically the biggest dungeon crawler on PC known to be phenomenally polished and infinitely replayable, as many Blizzard titles are. However, I am worried about the state of Blizzard at the moment. World of Warcraft really didn’t live up to their standards (no, seriously) and they lost a lot of people during the development of that game. Considering how rare Blizzard releases are I honestly haven’t played anything from them since WoW (as they haven’t released the Starcraft II Zerg campaign). So I honestly wonder if they still have that Blizzard spark or if the company is now riding on hype alone.
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II (XBLA, PSN, Wii Ware(?))

Not quite cancelled, Sonic 4 Episode II looks to appease everyone that complained about the original Sonic 4 with redone physics and…other stuff. It also “locks on” to Sonic 4 episode 1, Sonic & Knuckles-style to add more content to the previous adventure. The point is, more classic 2D Sonic ahoy!
Akai Katana Shin (360)

Yeah apparently Cave’s shooter got pushed back. Big surprise.

Dragon’s Lair (XBLA Kinect)

Dragon’s Lair finally sees an XBox Live port after appearing as a download for years on PS3 and a boxed release on Wii. But now it comes with…Kinect support?! On one hand I have a difficult time imagining that working. On the other hand, it might make the game easier? Well whatever the case, I plan on trying the demo.
JAM Live Music Arcade (XBLA)

Apparently this is a music creation program that will let you free-style jam with your assorted instrument controllers. Color me fascinated.

Mario Tennis Open (3DS)

Mario Tennis on 3DS. Need I say more? It’s one of the best Tennis games ever, and one of the best games in the Mario Sports series. Heck, Mario Tennis is the reason why I find myself frequently defending the often hated series!

Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland (PS3)

The 3rd PS3 Atelier game arrives in America! More JRPG hijinks ahoy! …yeah I haven’t gotten around to really playing this series yet but it’s probably worth a look to JRPG fans.

Dragon’s Dogma (360, PS3)

Capcom’s fusion of Monster Hunter and Demon’s/Dark Souls except with better controls than either of them. Looks like it may provide some promising online co-op action! There is a demo out so I recommend trying it, and making your character early.

Sorcery (PS3 Move)

Egad have I been waiting a while to play this one! Sorcery is basically supposed to be the big Move exclusive game. Not a mini-game collection, not an optional control scheme, Sorcery is supposed to fully utilize the Move is a complete game. Disappointingly though, it does not use the Move as a sword but rather a wand. Ah well, I can’t wait to try it!

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