Ninety-Nine Nights III is coming…but may lack Extreeeme-ness?

Tak Fujii may well be one of the most fun people to follow on Twitter, or at the very least the most extreeeme! However a recent tweet revealed something very interesting:

“@cam_sky Q Entertainment is working on N3-3 but not mine anymore tho. I am working something more extreeeme of course :D”

So, despite what I thought were lackluster sales, Ninety Nine Nights is getting a 3rd game! However, Tak Fujii is not inloved. While we can probably count on there still being One Million Troops, can we count on it still being extreeeme?

Well I’ll be buying it regardless. I really loved the first game but it felt insanely unfinished and the second game was…well…an entirely different beast. A shame as I really would like a more complete version of the first game. So, hopefully this third game will deliver an even better Dynasty Warriors-esque experience.

But the real question is, what game could possibly be more extreeeme than a third Ninety-Nine Nights?!

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One Comment on “Ninety-Nine Nights III is coming…but may lack Extreeeme-ness?”

  1. 99 Nights first game was awesome but 2nd one suck. No Aspharr.

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