Always Online is Always Terrible

So I just grabbed a copy of Diablo III from the Midnight Release at GameStop. I’m sure you would all like to know my first impressions.

So would I.

However, after installing the game and creating the prerequisite account I couldn’t play. Why? Because the servers haven’t gone live yet…at 1AM.

Of course they’re working from Pacific Time, so I have to wait until 2AM.

I find this kind of funny. Here Penny Arcade is complaining about having to wait to play their digital copies until the physical people get theirs, but even the people that purchased physical copies have to wait!

So, 2:05AM rolls around and I try to log in and…well…do I even need to tell you what happens next? The servers are busy! It is now 2:25, the servers are still busy.

“Well of course!” you say “remember what happened with WoW? It’s launch day so of course the servers are busy! They’ll probably crash too!”

Well that’s all fine and dandy except one thing: this isn’t an MMO. It’s a dungeon crawl. Even then, I don’t even intend to play it multiplayer immediately! I just wanna make my character, try some things out, and see how well it runs on my new computer at various graphical settings. But I can’t do that. I can’t play the game single player. Why? Because I have to be connected to the internet to play at all.

It doesn’t take much to imagine the assorted issues with this. What if the servers do crash? No one will be able to play their single player game. What about when the servers are being maintenanced? There’s a plethora of problems in the foreseeable future with Diablo 3.

And just to add insult to injury, my friend in Europe is playing the game right now and has been for the past couple hours! Let me tell you I am so glad I don’t care that much about Diablo 3 (not until they patch in Gamepad support. I honestly hate controlling games like this with a mouse) or I might be livid!

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One Comment on “Always Online is Always Terrible”

  1. Pai Says:

    The launch-week server fiasco along with the recent D3 account-hacking epidemic and various other small irritating things is what convinced me to wait for Torchlight 2 instead (which has selectable difficulty without having to replay boring easymodes first, offline play, LAN multiplayer support, mod support, etc).

    Other preliminary accounts of how D3 is made -even easier- if you simply buy top gear from the (soon to be RMT) auction house is another bad sign imo. That seems to me to be another downside for it’s replayability.

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