E3 2012: Code of Princess coming to the US!

With waning interest in Japanese games and an increase in region locking of portables, fans of Japanese-style games have fallen on hard times. Thankfully, there’s Atlus who knows how to cater to these fans and bring over the games we need (usually). Thank goodness as I was getting worried about Code of Princess.

Code of Princess is a side-scrolling beat ’em up action RPG on the 3DS which may look more than a little familiar. Not just because the art is by Kinu Nishimura, one of Capcom’s old artists who did work on CvS2 and Gaia Master, but because of the gameplay.

Why yes, it would appear to be Guardian Heroes on 3DS. Complete with line shifting, combos, and a versus mode where you can play as all the random enemies and even townspeople!

In fact, according to Silicon Era, it’s even made by some of the old Guardian Heroes crew! This is a possibility as I hear Treasure has a very loose grip on it’s employees, allowing them to pursue their own endeavors.

However, it has a few things that Guardian Heroes does not have. It has more playable characters and more RPG elements like equipment thanks to it being on a portable (thus each player has their own personal equipment screen). But most importantly, it has 4-player co-op both offline and online! Yes, the one feature we really wanted in the Guardian Heroes 360 release but didn’t get is now here!

If you wanna try to puzzle it out, a lengthy menu-centric Japanese “Systems” trailer can be found here. You can also take a look at it’s sweet opening sequence and themesong as well as some gameplay videos:

The game has a variety of crazy characters to select, from it’s bouncy scantily clad lead character, to an elven bard, a samurai, a muscle man named Mr.T, and even a cat with a lamp on it’s head. But my favorite would have to be Lady Zozo.

Look at that. She’s a freaking zombie with bright pink pigtails, a scarf that says “MILK” for no good reason, and…panties. I mean I’ve seen characters like this running around in loincloths and stuff but Lady Zozo just…has her panties hanging out. Complete with a little pink bow and everything. That’s…just crazy. Apparently she’s a Necromancer who turned herself into a zombie to learn more about the art. That’s freaking hardcore. Needless to say, I intend to main this character…even though she isn’t very condusive to comboing.

Now I know some folks might argue against the game complaining it’s a rip-off of Guardian Heroes. But, even if the reports that some of the old Guardian Heroes team worked on it winds up being false, how often do you get to play a game like this? Combo-centric beat ’em up RPGs with a line shift system aren’t exactly common and while it takes major inspiration from Guardian Heroes, that’s no reason to ignore it. You would just be denying yourself the exact experience you are looking for! …unless you don’t like Guardian Heroes, of course. In which case I can’t blame you.

The other argument is “Code of Princess or Dragon’s Crown”, to which I ask: why not both? If you have the requisite systems and love the genre then why wouldn’t you get both games? This is kind of a niche genre and needs all the love it can get. The only time this makes sense is if someone is trying to decide between getting a 3DS or a Vita depending on the game, in which case it’s obviously a hard call. That or deciding which one to get first as they both currently have an ambiguous “Fall 2012” release date. But trying to compare the two as a way of directly fighting the systems is stupid.

My point is, Code of Princess looks to be an awesome game and is something that should be on every 3DS owner’s radar. If you have a 3DS, look into this game. As I said, it’s not something you see very often and with the decrease in interest in Japanese games right now, they need all the love they can get. So, getting the game as soon as it comes out would probably be a good idea, rather than waiting until it’s $100 on EBay and wondering why we don’t get more games like it. The good news is that if you preorder, you’ll also get an artbook and soundtrack too! So, that might be a good idea.

As mentioned earlier, the game is scheduled for a Fall 2012 release date. Needless to say, I am excited.

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