E3 2012: Platinum’s Project P-100 looks awesome!

Well today brought out the stuff for Wii U and boy did it need it. Earlier things weren’t looking so hot as all the Wii U had coming was ports and New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but NOW we have some real launch titles and Platinum Game’s Project P-100 tops the list.

The concept is that you’re a swarm of super heroes fighting aliens and you recruit more people as you play and command them into different crazy formations to do battle. Drawing shapes on the touch screen allows you to form your squad into a giant fist, or a giant gun, or a ladder as you fight enemies in an isometric perspective.

The gameplay looks fun and reminiscent of what Little King’s Story should have been (which, by the way, is getting a Vita release/sequel/port/I don’t care because the game didn’t live up to it’s potential at all). What’s more, a live presentation made it clear that combos and air juggles and other fun fighting gamey things are indeed possible! That’s a big plus to me!

One thing that’s odd is that when the game was presented to GameSpot they claimed it was only single player, yet the trailer clearly shows some enticing 4-player action.

I am somewhat concerned about the excessive number of ways you control your squad as you use buttons, the touch screen, and the right analog stick to command them. But maybe it will work better in my hands and it doesn’t sound like a major issue.

Either way, this game just sold me on the Wii U.

Although I swear there was something pretty darn similar to this in development on Wii that never got a US release. I wish I could remember what it was…actually I think it might have been a Capcom game! Hmm…

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