E3 2012: Tank! Tank! Tank! gets a Wii U port! Huzzah!

Little known fact: I have a weird love for arcadey tank games. Namely, Namco’s Tokyo Wars. A game I miss so much that a large chunk of my time in Saints Row the Third was spent trying to recapture the magic by destroying everything with a tank.

I also love Earth Defense Force.

Well a while back, Namco released an arcade tank game called Tank! Tank! Tank! that was essentially a sillier, super deformed Tokyo Wars with video reaction images (this was kind of Namco’s schtick at the time) and multiple modes of play including an EDF-style co-op mode.

Well, guess what’s coming to Wii U?

Having played the game in arcades I can safely confirm it’s insanely fun. However I can also confirm it’s a little bit sparse on content. It works great as an arcade game but as a console release?

Hopefully it will either be a budget release, or Namco will add more content. Either one works for me. It would be very easy to just throw in a campaign mode and that would easily help justify the price.

Fingers crossed that Namco doesn’t half-ass this as if the release is either cheap or meatier, it will make another great early Wii U purchase!

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