E3 2012: Sports Champions 2 Update!

As a Move fanboy, I decided to check the official Sony blog to see if there were any Move announcements I missed and found their official post on Sports Champions 2 complete with some user feedback to answer frequently asked questions.

First of all, yes! I called it! Sports Champions 2 will feature custom characters! This makes me extremely happy! The game will also feature a “Party Play Mode” where you can make a “tracklist” of events and track scores between multiple players.

They also mentioned a new simpler/nearly nonexistant calibration system, probably because everyone bitched about the calibration because they’re flaming idiots. This does have me worried. You can’t have accuracy without calibration and accuracy is exactly what makes Sports Champions and the Move so good. This is Zindagi though, the folks who are most familiar with the nuances of the Move, and they say that they will not sacrifice accuracy for simpler calibration. Still, I am extremely worried about this and hope they aren’t shooting themselves in the foot.

Continuing with the bad-ish news, there will be no online multiplayer. According to the developers, if they were to put in online multiplayer it would take away dev time from all new features and we’d only have a very barebones multiplayer experience anyway. My advice? Patch it in later.

Also they confirmed all games will support a single controller scheme, but there’s no Navigation Controller support. This is a disappointment as it means Tennis won’t be anything special. Is it really that hard to give us both 1:1 tennis racket control and character movement control?! Ah well.

You can read about it and follow the comments yourself here: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2012/05/31/sports-champions-2-picks-up-playstation-move-this-fall/

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