New Releases – July 2012

Sorry I’m a little late and haven’t posted much. Things have gotten slightly crazy and the latest controversy in gaming has had my brain scrambling for the best way to string words together on it. But here we are in July and there’s exactly one thing coming: 3DS games. Huh. Well, that and supposedly Double Dragon Neon. Hopefully.


Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (3DS)

A Final Fantasy music game on 3DS! While it disappointed me with it’s lackluster 3D and non-remixed music, it is a decent (if overpriced) little diversion.


Family Tennis 3D (3DS ware)

How about some cheap downloadable 3D tennis action? I dunno, might be better than the amazingly disappointing Mario Tennis Open…or maybe not.

Rhythm Thief (3DS)

Is SEGA’s 3DS music game finally done being delayed? Let’s find out!

Johnny Kung Fu (3DS Ware)

A fun looking downloadable beat ’em up on 3DS. Could be worth a look.

Heroes of Ruin (3DS)

A Diablo-esque multiplayer dungeon crawl with both local and online multiplayer on 3DS? You know I’m down with that! Interestingly I remember people complaining about the game back when it was first shown, but judging from the demo it’s actually quite good. If you have a 3DS, go grab the demo and try it yourself!

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (PSN Move)
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles (PSN Move)

Hey! Looks like my favorite Resident Evil games are getting PSN releases with Move support! Personally I thought Umbrella Chronicles was awesome but Darkside is…not so hot.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (3DS)

It’s Kingdom Hearts on 3DS, with the same vibrant graphics and gameplay you loved on PS2 but in a whole new game! Go try the demo and you’ll see for yourself that this basically describes it. Hey, at least the game is quality!

The Last Story (Wii)

The other part of Operation Rainfall serves as what may well be the Wii’s last hurrah (unless Pandora’s Tower gets a US release). While I know little about it, I have a hard time not buying this game.

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One Comment on “New Releases – July 2012”

  1. Baines Says:

    Umbrella Chronicles on the Wii annoyed me.

    From what I remember, the game kept track of any lights that you had previously shot out. Combine that with the game wanting you to shoot every destructible object to “search” for items, and you end up replaying in darkness.

    The other thing that annoyed me was that you could carry ammo over between missions. The annoyance here is that you could get up to double the default ammo count this way, if you were just willing to avoid using the weapon that you took or were willing to play an easy throwaway mission that let you easily rebuild ammo. It reminds me of leveling in Tactics Ogre, where they had the silly training mission that you could play between stages to (very boringly) even out your character levels.

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