I forgot to mention, if anyone cares I recently got a Twitter account. So if you want to follow me, what games I’m playing, and my brief random opinions on them, go ahead!

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One Comment on “Twitter!”

  1. RegalSin Says:

    I saw your Twitter Account. You post a bunch of dark skinned characters, or characters with peach coloring in one post. I mean great.

    Seriously Gel, the issue with barack game gals, is that. Number one the White/European person sees everything other then itself as a trend.

    Go look up Turkish furniture and Japonese style. When we were growing up, barack was in, it was powerful, it was real. It was civil-rights and jeans.

    Now everything we have just puts them in the background as with almost any European nation Gel.

    Why not get yourself together and score some barack vajaja already. Since your so keen, wanna help the problem then stop supporting the cause.

    Another idea Gel, you should checkout David Halverson to see if he needs any writers for hire. You know Game-Fan and Play magazine ( if you can remember ).

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