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Gaming with GEL – Crazy Strike Bowling

August 27, 2012

Downloadable anime-style bowling for the PlayStation Move? With character customization and boob physics? Color me interested!

…and with practically no information or videos of the game? Color THIS necessary.

Gaming with GEL – The Black Eyed Peas Experience

August 27, 2012

Coming at you now in HD, it’s the long overdue Gaming with GEL of The Black Eyed Peas Experience for Kinect! Why do you care? Because the Kinect game is from iNiS, makes of Gitaroo Man and Elite Beat Agents. It shows.

Part 1 – An Overview of the Game


Part 2 – My Humps.

New Releases – August 2012

August 27, 2012

Egad where did the month go?! Seriously I had this written up back in July and somehow things got SO busy I couldn’t post it until now. Between planning for a BIG and SERIOUS GameBabble, acquiring HD capture equipment, and helping my family out the month just VANISHED!
Almost a shame as despite it not QUITE being time to start the Christmas Release Rush, we did see some solid releases! Apparently August is official Fight Alongside Your Inner Self month as we got not one but TWO fighters based on that theme as well as a number of sweet downloads. Let’s take a look!


Persona 4 Arena (PS3, 360)

A sweet new 2D fighter from Arc Systems Works made with accessibility in mind. Astonishing presentation and solid netcode make this a winner if you can look past the mashiness.

Commando: Steel Disaster (DSi Ware)

A surpisingly solid and really challenging Metal Slug knock-off. Released boxed many years ago, it now finds its way to DSi Ware.

Darksiders II (PS3, 360)

The World’s Greatest Zelda Clone gets a sequel…that’s more Diablo?! Huh.

The Last Story (Wii)

The inadvertently aptly named “The Last Story” sees a US release at last, and in some pretty swanky packaging for preorderers!

Dust: An Elysian Tail (XBLA)

I raved about this in my E3 video and it does not disappoint! Dust isn’t just some Vanillaware knock-off, it’s the game Muramasa should have been and I do not say that lightly! One of the most incredible XBLA games ever and a must own! Smooth, fun, and addictive. This thing is looking like it might be 5 out of 5 territory!

New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS)

A new 2D Mario for your 3D game console! NSMB2 is more Mario action now with gratuitous coin collecting.

Legasista (PSN)

The third Cladun game. If you’re unfamiliar that’s top-down randomly generated action RPG dungeon crawling with full custom characters that you can draw yourself. Pretty neat, if overpriced.

Way of the Samurai 4 (PSN)

I didn’t even know this one was coming! Download only for the US due to it’s lack of a dub, Way of the Samurai 4 features awesome but unpolished free roaming custom samurai action. Think Bushido Blade meets Fable but with more choices and freedom. A massive improvement over the awful third game, though not significantly better than 1 or 2.
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (PS3, 360)

You like Transformers: War for Cybertron? Here’s more!

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD ver. (XBLA, PSN)

Apparently it’s Fight with your Inner Self Month as an HD online re-release of JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure is upon us. Apparently there’s a new Jojo’s anime coming in October, which explains the re-release. The game holds up very well and being able to play it competitively online is awesome! However it is overpriced and uses SF4’s netcode instead of GGPO.

Rock Band Blitz (XBLA, PSN)

Realizing they should find a way to let players play their Rock Band tracks without needing the instruments, Rock Band Blitz is a downloadable game that turns Rock Band into Frequency/Amplitude! Nifty!