Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds has 8 Playable Characters!

Sick of the Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds updates? Well too bad!


Along with the announcement that the official release date is the 27th (hooray!) came news of two more playable characters: Infinity and Nagi. Thus bringing the total playable characters to 8…in non-story mode anyway.

You see, Cocoa, M, and Infinity are the villains of the game while Nagi is actually the little girl you’re trying to save. As such they don’t have Story Modes but are fully playable in co-op and versus because they are full fledged characters.

Infinity comes as no surprise. He was the hidden boss character in the fighter and he is one here. He’s also the only male character in the game. You can also call him “Straight Jacket Soma”

Nagi, however, is a twist. Not only because she’s the girl you have to rescue, but because she’s new to this game! Yup, Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds has an exclusive character and she looks pretty awesome to boot!

Now, unless I misunderstood something, these characters will be unlockable with no DLC required. If we’re seriously getting 8 playable characters without DLC? Then I think we’re in no position to complain about the upcoming DLC’s existence. 8 characters and 8 lengthy stages (the videos show multiple parts to each stage) is more than worth the $10 asking price!

In the off-chance that I did misunderstand something and the boss characters are DLC though…then yes, Mages, you DID announce your DLC too early. But again I won’t begrudge them for it if that’s the case. I just hope it isn’t (partially because I’m hoping Fin or Mei are the DLC characters).

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