We Cheer 3 is coming! …sorta.

If you’ve been following me or my blog, you know I have a massive soft spot for We Cheer. Though it looks like shovelware on the surface, beneath its pink glittery exterior was the best freaking music game on Wii. Great interface, awesome presentation, and the sequel brought in plenty of customization. It was undeniably my most played game on Wii and one of my most played games of the generation.

However, it’s hard to sell the masses on a cheerleading game. As such, few knew of the awesomeness that is We Cheer and the series sort of vanished…sort of.

The mechanics would reappear in an exercise game called Exerbeat which recieved such a limited US release that it was not available at GameStop at all. However, repetitive exercise routines are no replacement for creative dance routines.

Said mechanics would be used again in the dance mini-game in Go Vacation, which is technically the third We Ski game and thus technically part of the same series. But again, five watered down dance numbers is hardly a proper sequel.

Well the We Cheer mechanics are being dusted off one more time for the inevitably Japanese-only Pretty Cure All Stars: Zenin Shugou Let’s Dance!:

(yes it’s supposed to be soundless for some reason)

I had heard about this a while ago but wanted to see video footage to confirm it. Early screenshots made it look like it might be running on the Happy Dance Collection engine (a Japanese-only game similar but inferior to We Cheer). However, now that I see it in motion there is absolutely no doubt about it: that is We Cheer! And easily the most badass We Cheer yet!

That’s not a joke by the way. You don’t mess with the Pretty Cures.

…and that’s not even getting into the absolute BEAST that is Cure Moonlight who will BREAK YOUR SPINE!

Yeah for those of you who aren’t familiar with Pretty Cure, it’s sort of become a Magical Girl dynasty. Initially it was just one show but once it started getting old a few seasons in, they decided to start fresh with a new cast of characters. Now there’s a new Pretty Cure basically every year, preventing things from getting too stale. Of course, as you can see, the main unifying concept of the show is that these girls actually physically fight their enemies.

Of course people tend to miss their favorite Pretty Cure teams so also every year is a big flashy cross-over movie where all the Pretty Cure teams get together.

But more on-topic-ally, is the dancing ending themes. At some point in the series, they started using cel-shaded models of the characters dancing for their ending animation. This caught on and now every Pretty Cure series has a cel-shaded dancing ending theme, as does every Pretty Cure All-Stars movie. The result is…colorful:

So it was only a matter of time before someone put the pieces together and made a Pretty Cure dancing game on Wii.

Pretty Cure All-Stars on Wii will feature all the Pretty Cure teams including the new Doki Doki Pretty Cure girls, whose series just premiered a few weeks ago. Screenshots indicate that cross-over dance numbers will appear. The game looks rather sparse in the music department (25 songs I think) and I doubt we’ll see much customization either.

However, it’s great to see one more We Cheer! Astonishingly, this is actually the last Wii game to come out of Japan. Honestly, I can’t think of a better send-off for the Nintendo Wii than with one more entry in the only series that could actually use it’s broken-ass controller!

Pretty Cure All-Stars hits the Wii at the end of March. There will be a Gaming with GEL.

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2 Comments on “We Cheer 3 is coming! …sorta.”

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  2. Grace Says:

    That above game will not sell…do the original girls but add where people can be flyers also and newer music.

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