Dead or Alive 5’s new DLC brings equal skimpyness!

If there’s one thing that DOA is known for, for better or for worse, it’s sexy women in skimpy clothing. Every now and then though, whether jokingly or not, someone suggests putting the guys in equally skimpy outfits.

Well ladies (and gentlemen) your wish has been answered as Tecmo just released the “Fighter Pack” on PS3 which puts all the guys in boxers, briefs, and wet suits.


The pack contains outfits for Hayabusa, Brad Wong, Jann Lee, Bayman, Gen Fu, Hayate, Rig, Eliot, Bass, Zack, Akira. However, only Jann Lee wears briefs, Elliot gets a wet suit (so we don’t see him shirtless), and most annoyingly of all: Ryu Hayabusa still has his stupid mask!


That last one is a sticking point as many people have been demanding maskless Hayabusa. We’ve seen him maskless many times in the DOA series so it’s odd that they’re insisting on keeping it on here.


Also the fact that Brad Wong’s hair isn’t down is disappointing as well. I liked playing as “Drunkeroth”!


Still, I’m sure this pack will please somebody. Would you believe a hefty chunk of the top-ranked DOA players on 360 are women? Even if you find the pack as disappointing as I do, at least it’s well priced as you get undies for all the guys for $5. Meanwhile skimpy outfit packs for women cost $5 for 3. Yeesh!

Speaking of the 360, this pack is not yet available on 360 due to the current hold up with the big patch. Microsoft has some pretty stringent patching guidelines which continually bites the console in the ass. Namely, there’s a size limit and companies have to pay money to put their patches up. As such, Tecmo is being very careful about the release of the version 1.03a patch and they cannot release the Hottie’s Swimwear or the Fighter’s Pack until said patch is up.

Having said that, Tecmo has not abandoned 360 players. They merely have to jump through more hoops.

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