My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic still fighting…sorta!

The other week I posted the disappointing news that the high-quality fanmade My Little Pony fighting game had been hit with a cease & desist and this cancelled. I then went into detail about why “reskinning” the game isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Well, apparently the team is pretty darn proud of what they made out of 2D Fighter Maker regardless of if it involves ponies and as such has claimed they are not giving up!

Just the other day they released a big post about the cease & desist claiming they had no intention of stopping now. Currently they are pleading with Hasbro, but remain un-hopeful. It seems they have quite a few fans amongst the show’s actual staff and thus they are hoping to pull a few strings on the inside to let this one slide. But chances are that won’t happen. This isn’t about the show, it’s about the brand.

Having said that, they still plan on making something even if this falls through.

Yes, in spite of the fact that it would probably take another 2 years to produce a “reskinned” version of the game, they plan on actually doing just that in a worst case scenario. It does make a little sense as the sheer amount of hype generated by this one game has given them a bit of clout. Possibly a bit more than they deserve. As such if they produced a random fangame now, people would be all over it whereas if they made one before Fighting is Magic, no one would have cared.

Well I have my fingers crossed that they get to release Fighting is Magic in some form and am glad all their hard work did not go completely to waste. I wish them luck…but do not look forward to enduring another SkullGirls worth of meaningless hype. Blech.

(Note: SkullGirls is a good game, I just did not enjoy having people yell “SkullGirls is better” for THREE YEARS every time a new fighting game came out.)

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