New Characters for Playstation All-Stars Released! GET THEM NOW.

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale launched with a roster nearly everyone mocked for one reason or another. For me personally it was a distinct lack of female characters with only Fat Princess and Nariko as the only girls in the game.

Well the recently released DLC remedies that somewhat with Kat from Gravity Rush. Also, Emmett from Star Hawk is here to add an equally needed black guy to the game.

Whether you own the game or not, I’d recommend grabbing the DLC NOW. Why? Well because it’s free for a limited time and only 100kb (the actual characters are in the update to the game). So get on PSN and download it or you’ll be kicking yourself later.

Disappointingly, the update does not add a much needed HP Mode to the game. So yes, it’s still pretty questionable from a mechanics standpoint.

Also, Sony just gave me $10 for being a loyaly PSN customer. I dunno what exactly I did to trigger this but it’s appreciated (especially with so much DOA5 DLC to get). I’d boot up your PS3 and check to see if they gave you anything as well. Don’t forget that Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires is next week and also there’s some kind of Idea Factory/Sting collaboration for PSP and Vita avalible for $20 as well.

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