DOA5’s Version 1.03a Patch hits 360!

Dead or Alive 5 hit the gaming world with a soft thunk, receiving middling reviews, minimal press, and very little recognition from the fighting game community. However, that did not stop Team Ninja! Possibly because KoeiTecmo’s earning for the quarter look great and DOA DLC may be responsible for a chunk of that.

Determined to deliver the best freaking DOA ever, they actually took fan requests on Twitter and compiled together what may well be the biggest patch in fighting game history! Weighing in at a whopping 260MB, the version 1.03 patch drastically alters the game adding in entire new moves, a whole new stage, alternate unlock requirements, netcode tweaks, and even fixing quite a few of my own complaints!

Better still, Team Ninja actually created a proper Patch Notes so you can see every single change they made to the game:

General System Changes

Character-Specific Changes

Yeah, kinda makes Street Fighter X Tekken ver.2013 look tame by comparison.

The update was released on PS3 a month ago. However, there was a problem. A glitch in the update made it possible to recover out of Critical Stun (thus rendering it a regular stun). As such the 360 update was delayed until the patch was patched. Why? Well companies have to pay Microsoft per-patch with an ever increasing price tag (a system put in place to try and prevent excessive patching and the release of unfinished games). As such it only made sense to not patch the 360 version until the patch was patched.

Said patch patch, ver.1.03a, hit at the beginning of the month on PS3 bringing with it a most peculiar change: they intentionally made tag-mode even more broken! Calling them “Gonzo Combos”, Team Ninja proudly advertised the more broken tag mode with a trailer.

A rather…strange choice. However, as you can see from the 1.03a patch notes, it only affects Tag Mode as the change is differences in hit stun and damage scaling in tag combos.

However, people were starting to get suspicious of Team Ninja, accusing them of playing favorites and claiming the 360 wouldn’t get the patch. Thankfully, they were wrong as the patch did hit XBox 360 today.

Better still, as an apology they are offering the Hotties Swimwear and Fighters Pack DLC at a discount until March 31st. The bikinis will only cost you $6 for all of them (half-price) while the shorts for the guys are only a buck!

This isn’t the first time Team Ninja has done this. Apparently they screwed up the listing for the Kitty Pack on PS3 in Japan, and thus offered it at a discounted price.

I know we shouldn’t be applauding companies for not crapping their pants, but it is nice to see that KoeiTecmo cares about their fans at least somewhat! It’s nice to not just be told to “deal with it”.

It is also worth noting that your old fight totals count towards the unlocks. I never bothered to get the preposterously difficult to unlock swimsuits for Tina, Christie, and Lisa. However, after one Ranked Match, they all instantly unlocked for me.

Of course, the fact that DOA5 is the biggest change the DOA series has ever seen and that Team Ninja is actively trying to improve the game post-release despite its lack of popularity. No, no one cares about that.

But put in SixAxis boob control and suddenly it’s front-page news!

Seriously, that is probably the most press and publicity DOA5 has ever gotten. All, of course, for the sake of wagging their fingers and telling Team Ninja “FOR SHAME!”. But it seems to be moving product as most folks were completely unaware that DOA5 was such a nice looking game (or that it even existed) from the middling reviews.

I’m sorry but that is a pet peeve of mine. DOA is cursed. Here they spend years working on a new DOA, completely overhauling the graphics engine, and rebalancing everything. They even initially toned down the fanservice drastically only to turn it back up at the last second due to fan demand.

Yet nearly every review calls it “more of the same”, “outdated”, and “they just focused on the fanservice instead of the actual combat”. Oh what, you mean the actual combat they spent years working on and the fanservice they spent a few months on? Yeah, sure. Way to be a jackass.

And on that note, exactly how is this game outdated?! Other than the lack of custom costumes, I can’t think of a thing! What, because it plays like a game from 1996 instead of like a game from 1992?!

Yeah, there’s something I want you all to reflect on: How many 3D fighters came out this generation? Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs Capcom 3 are 2.5d fighters, they play like a 2D fighter but with 3D graphics. Tekken plays like Tekken but yes that’s one but what else? Virtua Fighter, which no one plays? Soul Calibur, whose most recent entry was a joke? What else? There was the abysmal Samurai Shodown Sen, maybe the Naruto fighters if you wanna count those, and…Dead or Alive.

Yeah, the entire 3D fighting game genre was practically run out of town. They were too “button mashy” and no one wanted to learn them.

Now they have become so non-existant that they are considered an outdated relic of the past, as opposed to modern fighting games which play like…Street Fighter II with worse controls.

Sorry reviewers, but this is where I put my foot down. DOA5 is what happens when DOA focuses more on the fighting and less on the boobs. The only reason you can’t see it is because you’re not focusing on the fighting, you’re focusing on the boobs.

Oh, and no I don’t see any boob control on 360 and no, patching in Kinect support is out of the question (it’s rather complex and may require extra approval). How would that even work anyway?! Trust me though, you’re not really missing anything. It’s SixAxis boob control, afterall. It’s not exactly good. Please, please do not try and tell me this is KoeiTecmo playing favorites or I might have to punch you through the internet and that’s not even possible!

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One Comment on “DOA5’s Version 1.03a Patch hits 360!”

  1. Onej Says:

    3D fighting games are inherently inferior to 2D fighters for a multitude of reasons, though. See Seth Killian’s treatise on the subject:

    Even still, something like Virtua Fighter can be incredibly technical and nuanced. DOA has always been a button mashy scrub’s game, and no amount of patching or fanservice can change that. It’s easy to see why DOA2 was its final outing in the arcades, where games have to be at least somewhat competitively viable.

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