Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds DLC is Kurisu from Steins Gate!

If you recall, I was pretty hyped for the XBox Live Arcade game Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds.

Well the game is out and it is awesome. Yes it does have 8 playable characters (10 if you count alternate universe pallet swaps) and the netcode is passable (basically identical to Code of Princess). Also, while only “Programming Support”, Masaki Ukyo (the Guardian Heroes/Code of Princess/Asuka 120% guy) was indeed involved.

But the looming question has been: What is the $5 DLC? The answer is apparently Kurisu from Steins Gate. This makes sense as she was the most popular guest character from the original Phantom Breaker.

How do we know this? Simple, clicking the “Download Content” button reveals the DLC for -1 MSP. Don’t try and buy it just yet though as it will then ask for 4 million + MSP!


Said DLC should be officially avalible March 12th. I assume it’s “up” because it’s busy going through Microsoft Certification.

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