Fighting is still Magic, but with less ponies

Well news just broke on the My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic situation. Despite their best attempts they cannot seem to get any leniency on using pony characters.

On the other hand, Lauren Faust has joined the team and will be creating new characters for the game while retaining the same movesets and engine.

This…is curious. But upon further reflection is more plausible than I thought. You see, you can’t just reskin a 2D fighter as you would have to redo all the sprites. With Fighting is Magic having very good animation, replacing said sprites would be very hard…

…if they weren’t animated in Flash that is.

You see, while the game isn’t a Flash game, the sprites are made in Flash then screencapped and shoved into the engine. This works because the show was animated in Flash anyway so it retained the proper look.

I admit I don’t know a lot about Flash but it is much more plausible to “reskin” a Flash animation. So I am very curious about what they’ll replace them with. They’ll have to remain quadruped and capable of the same things. So, will it be cats and griffons in the new Fighting is Magic? Maybe a bunny?

Curiouser and curiouser indeed…

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