SEGA: Where are the Games?

About a year ago, SEGA revealed that they had some massive financial issues and as such decided to scale back their game development. Focusing on porting things to digital marketplaces, it seems they managed to recoup some of their losses. Enough, anyway, to purchase Relic Entertainment from THQ.

SEGA had a somewhat strange Holiday season, releasing both the brand new (and fantastic) Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and the much delayed Anarchy Reigns at budget prices. They also released 3 games from their “Model 2 Collection” at only $5 apiece: Sonic the Fighters, Fighting Vipers, and Virtua Fighter 2. After that they released Aliens: Colonial Marines and…just…stopped.

I was personally waiting with baited breath for the release of the original Virtual-On on XBox Live Arcade as well as the 3DS version of Space Harrier (my personal choice for “Greatest Game of All Time”). That is to say nothing of the upcoming U.S. release of Phantasy Star Online 2! Oh I grabbed the Japanese one (it’s Free to Play) but I don’t wanna really sink my teeth into it until it’s in English and I can easily hand SEGA large sums of money for character slots and costume options.

However, then I went onto the Japanese PSN. What do I see there? Virtual-On.

Yes, sure enough, Virtual-On (and Virtua Striker) were both released back in February…but are Japan Only. This makes them the only Japan-Only XBox Live Arcade games! This is utterly baffling as not a speck of translation is required and I’d imagine making the games Japan-Only takes more work than making them international considering, again, they are the only XBLA games like this!

Meanwhile, 3DS Space Harrier was released in Australia back in January but has yet to be released in the states. Again, no translation required.

As for PSO2? We haven’t heard anything about the U.S. release since August!

What the heck is going on?! Is there some unseen red tape seriously preventing the release of simple U.S. releases of classic arcade ports? If so then that is a serious problem, is it not? Why are we being denied these games? I want to give SEGA my money!

If not red tape, then why is SEGA not releasing these games? Do they have a good reason? What could it possibly be? One might point to the purported law suit over Aliens: Colonial Marines but that really shouldn’t be preventing the release of digital-only downloads like those. Money issues, perhaps? But SEGA just bought Relic from THQ! They clearly have the money to release these games, don’t they?

Although in this case I am speaking purely about Virtual-On and Space Harrier. PSO2 is, of course, a much bigger project. However, shouldn’t we hear something about PSO2? Isn’t the Free-To-Play MMO market hot right now? Could it not be a steady source of income to fall back on? How has these been no U.S. advertising whatsoever since August? It’s PSO2! This should be easy money!


Dear SEGA,

Where are the Games?! I want to give you my money!



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3 Comments on “SEGA: Where are the Games?”

  1. Billy Says:

    We have heard something about PSO2. Polygon reported yesterday that it has been delated for an unspecified amount of time.

    And yes, it should be easy money. But this is Sega, the company that apparently sees no market for Phantasy Star outside of Japan. Without seeing that their own mishandling of the property is what hurts its performance outside of Japan. By the time PSO2 comes out, people that would have cared aren’t going to care any more. Though I never really played PSU, I’ve heard complaints that Sega pretty much killed that in the US with delayed updates and restrictions even on their own staff, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see that repeat with PSO2.

    • Billy Says:

      Meh, “delayed”, not “delated”.

      • GEL Says:

        *nods* Quite. Thanks for the update, I was going crazy looking for information on it.

        And yeah I heard about the PSU stuff as well. I didn’t play until years later because I didn’t have broadband at the time but at launch players were restricted to like…2 quests for months. It was absurd.

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