What are QuickViews?

It’s a fact that reviewing a game properly takes a lot of time and effort. Unlike movies, which are a sort of passive experience, games require player interaction. They require more physical skill and more time than a movie would to review (in movies, 3 hours is considered long. In games, 10 hours is considered average/short!). It’s sort of a thing that gets overlooked much of the time.

While I personally do not feel you need to beat a game to review it (understanding it and exploring all the options is far more important), one should spend a good amount of time with a game.

This blog being a personal endeavor and me not really being a paid professional, I tend to update very infrequently and only review when I feel confident that I fully “get” the game.

More than that, I tend to prioritize the most overlooked games and thus my opinion on what is actually popular and successful is rarely heard!

Case in point, my current priority is Dance Magic, a low budget Russian made PSN dancing game which has been out more than a month yet has less than 100 people on its leaderboards and not a single review. Now that is the kind of game that GameBabble was built on! (Seriously, I started with a review of Counter Force a rail shooter so obscure GameStop didn’t even know it existed 3 months after its release!)

As such, I present QuickViews! Yes an excuse to do a brief editorial blab about how I felt about my latest rental or how a game I am working on a review of is currently shaping up.

These, however, are not reviews. I might ballpark a score (with gratuitous tilde use) but I intend to be fully transparent on how far I got in a game before coming to my conclusion. I don’t doubt “You need to get further” will be said a lot here, and I accept that. But it will be a good way to chronicle my oddball opinions on games with actual budgets. As such, let us begin!

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