Xenoblade is $100+ Now!

Everybody got their hands on a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles? I hope so because it’s $100+ these days.

Yes, that’s right, the game is starting to jump in value. GameStops are sold out of their New copies and Used ones are going for $60+. How did this happen and why? Well that is very simple.

You see, Xenoblade Chronicles was a massive 5 year in development RPG that won wide critical acclaim. It is generally considered not just one of the best Wii games but one of the best Japanese RPGs of the entire console generation! Boasting 90+ hours of playtime and a huge Skyrim-sized world, there is a lot of game here!

However, people really don’t like dusting off their Wiis.

Seriously, no matter how good a game comes out, no matter how much people want something on Wii, they would rather crack jokes about how their Wii is collecting dust than actually use the blasted thing! I am not kidding when I say I have witnessed this first hand. I remember at the Midnight Launch for the Kinect there was a guy complaining because Donkey Kong Country Returns was a Wii exclusive. He had a Wii, he wanted the game, but he refused to play the game on the Wii. He wanted it on PS3.

He then proceeded to crack jokes about how much his Wii is collecting dust.

Look, I don’t even like the Wii! I consider it the worst thing Nintendo has ever done! I have never felt more betrayed by a company in my entire life! The system is literally my arch nemesis and I find its fans to be utterly insufferable! However, there comes a point where you’re just being an ass.


As such, while many people played Xenoblade, not as many owned it. People opted to run it on their PCs through an emulator and gab about how amazing the game was. Oh they figured they’d get a physical copy eventually but since they were already playing it on PC it wasn’t a top priority.

Now that copies are running out, people are losing their chance to try it. People are also getting WiiUs and wondering what to play on them. With the high recommendations Xenoblade was getting, it was only a matter of time before stock started to dry up.

Having said that, prices have dropped since I first caught wind of the price increase a few weeks ago. Back then it was going for $75 used at GameStop and $150 on EBay. Now that word has gotten out it seems quite a few people are selling off their copies, thus devaluing it a little. New in-box ones are still $150+, but loose discs are going for more reasonable prices so this could be your last chance to grab it!

Either that or the whole frenzy was manufactured anyway.

My personal opinion on the game was that it was good but too reminiscent of Final Fantasy XII. I literally had difficulty playing it without thinking “This is a poor man’s FFXII”. Oh it has plenty of differences, but the similarities are also so screamingly obvious it almost hurts. The Last Story has the same problem. In fact, all three games have a similar looking character in them: Vossler/Dunban/Dagran. It is more than a little strange. Make no mistake, I adore FFXII and think following in it’s footsteps is far from a bad thing. Just that some games follow a little too closely.

This, however, does make one wonder what other games of this generation might find themselves valued similarly.

The Hyperdimension Neptunia series also sees prices of $100-$300, but only for the special website preorder editions.

Beyond that though, this generation has been a general drought of JRPGs. There have been decent ones, but very few that saw much critical acclaim and as such it may take a while before the games get “discovered” if at all.

If I had to put my money on any game it would be Magna Carta 2. Similarly FFXII-esque, but different enough as well. The game was widely ignored at release but it’s my personal favorite RPG of the generation in spite of the rather bland story.

Nier could be an interesting one. Sold out day 1 in Japan, flopped utterly in America, quickly hit the bargain bins where it managed to find a cult following because the game is freaking awesomely weird! It’s actually pretty funny watching the reviewers who previously bashed the game suddenly turn around and start rejoicing at the team’s reuinion for Drakengard 3.

Oh wait no, that’s not funny it’s aggravating. Sorry, I had my words mixed up there for a second.

Beyond that it’s a crapshoot. Maybe the Tales Of games? Tales of Vesperia used to command a decent price but has since dropped. Resonance of Fate is peculiar enough that it might see a slight price increase but probably not.

Nah, it’ll probably just be Demon’s Souls.

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